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26Thompson, CorneliusOrder requesting the files from last Session be sent down regarding the petition of1826
27Thompson, CorneliusSee Lisbon 1826 PS 39-13
28Thompson, CorneliusAn Act repealing the Act to set off, and his estate from Bowdoin to Lisbon1827
29Thompson, CorneliusSee Lisbon 1833 GY 77-36
30Thompson, CorneliusAn Act to set off, and lands from Bowdoin and annex them to Lisbon1834
31Thompson, CorneliusSee Bowdoin 1835 GY 92-27
32Thompson, Daniel and othersReport on the petition for the formation of a new school district comprising of the Towns of Avon and Strong and the remonstrances of Archibald Talbot and others1827
33Thompson, David P. and othersReport on a bill to incorporate and build a railroad from Greenbush to the East Line of the State1861
34Thompson, Eli W. and othersReport on the Petition of Eli W. Thompson and others that he may be set off from Embden and annexed to North Anson1848
35Thompson, EphraimSee Brownfield 1831 PS 70-26
36Thompson, Isaac and othersReport on the Petition of Isaac Thompson and others relative to selling the old Meeting House in Cornish1841
37Thompson, Isaac and othersAn Act to repeal an Act entitled an Act to incorporate the Montville and Searsmont Canal approved January 21, 1823 and the remonstrance of Isaac Thompson and others1846
38Thompson, J. A.Resolve in favor of certain Members of the Legislature who visited the State Reform School1854
39Thompson, JamesAn Act to authorize James Thompson to build a wharf onver tide waters1864
40Thompson, John and othersSee Rumford Bridge 1833 PS 93-40
41Thompson, John and othersReport on the Petition of John Thompson and others for relief under the provisions of the Treaty of Washington1849
42Thompson, John and othersReport on a bill for John Thompson and others to be set off from Letter H, Range 02 and annexed to Lyndon1861
43Thompson, Nathaniel and othersReport on the petition of Samuel Adams & others for a Constitutional Amendment regarding the Executive Council, House, Senate, Governor and Selectmen1862
44Thompson, SamuelSee Montville Canal 1822 GY 14-4
45Thompson, SamuelAn Act authorizing Samuel Thompson to maintain a dam and slip in Kezar River1848
46Thompson, Samuel and othersReport on the Petition of Samuel Thompson and others to be incorporated into a Company called the Upper Keezer Sluiceway Company1847
47Thompson, Seth and othersPetition for relief from oppression in the administration of Justice1835
48Thompson, Thomas, LateReport on the petition regarding the estate and sale of land in Portland, proceeds to be distributed among the three children of1824
49Thompson, William and othersAn Act to incorporate the Eden Cotton and Woolen Manufactory1841
50Thompson, William and othersReport on the Petition of William Thompson and others to be set off from Hope, Waldo County and annexed to Union, Lincoln County1841

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