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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Toma, PeolResolve in favor of1834
2Toma, PeolReport on the memorial of Toma Socklexis and others and the credentials of Peol Toma, Governor and Representative of the Penobscot Tribe, relative to Government of said Tribe1843
3Toma, PeolReport on the Petition of the Penobscot Indians that a grant of money be made to build a house for the Priest and to pay Peol Toma two dollars a day while he remains in Augusta1846
4Toma, Peol and othersReport on the Petition of Peol Toma and others for a law authorizing the Penobscot and Passamaquoddy Indians to elect a certain number of delegates to the Legislature1843

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