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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Trafton, H. B.Report on a Resolve in favor of H. B. Trafton1850
2Trafton, John B.Report on the petition of John B. Trafton and others for reimbursement of money paid the State1862
3Trafton, MargaretResolve in favor of Margaret Trafton1845
4Trafton, MarkResolve in favor of1824
5Trafton, Mark and othersSee Bangor and Pushaw Pond Canal Company 1833 PS 92-30
6Trafton, Mark and othersSee Turnpike Road 1833 RS 39-13
7Trafton, Mark and othersReport on the Petition of Mark Trafton and others for an Act to incorporate the Aroostook Falls Mill and Canal Company1853
8Trafton, Mark, JuniorReport on a Resolve in favor of Benjamin D. Eastman and Mark Trafton, Junior1846
9Trafton, Mark, RepresentativeResolve in favor of Mark Trafton1850
10Trafton, T. and othersResolve authorizing the Land Agent to convey a tract of land in Township 3 Range 5 WELS to Spaulding Robinson1863
11Trafton, Theodore (late)Resolve in favor of Margaret Trafton1845
12Trafton, WilliamSee Senate Secretary Pro-tempore 1832 GY 76-21
13Trafton, WilliamSee Militia 1833 GY 78-12
14Trafton, WilliamSee Senate Secretary 1835 GY 89-13
15Trafton, WilliamSee Senate Secretary 1835 GY 90-17
16Trafton, WilliamSenate Secretary 1834 GY 83-45

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