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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Treat, AdamsLetters of Acceptance for Executive Councilors1851
2Treat, AdamsResolve authorizing the Governor and Council to settle the account of Adams Treat for services in superintending repairs of the State Prison1854
3Treat, Adams and othersReport on the Petition of Adams Treat and others for authority to construct a railroad from Frankfort to Bangor1855
4Treat, Amos and othersReport on the Petition of Amos Treat and others of Frankfort that the time allowed for Overseers of the Poor to give notice, may be limited to fifteen days1844
5Treat, Andrew from Andrew JacobsAn Act to change the names of certain persons1848
6Treat, John and othersResolve in favor of the Town of Enfield for lots of land1861
7Treat, John and othersAn Act to provide for the improvement of Cold Stream for floating logs and lumber1861
8Treat, JosephReport on the Petition that he may have leave to purchase a tract of land of the Penobscot tribe of Indians1832
9Treat, Joseph and othersReport on the Petition of Smith Gilman and others that mill owners on Cold Stream in Enfield be compelled to make sufficient pass way for logs and other lumber through their dams and remonstrances of Joseph Treat and others1845
10Treat, Joseph and othersAn Act to extend the Charter of the Stillwater Bridge1865
11Treat, NathanielSee Spofford, Frederick 1828 RS 23-30
12Treat, NathanielSee Spofford, Frederick and Nathaniel Treat 1833 RS 40-44
13Treat, Nathaniel and anotherReport on the petition that allowance may be made for deficiency in certain lands purchased of the State1830
14Treat, Nathaniel and anotherReport on the Petition to have a deficiency of land in Township No.4 East side of the Penobscot River made up to them1832
15Treat, Nathaniel and othersReport on the Petition that they may be incorporated into a company for the purpose of steam navigation on the Penobscot River1834
16Treat, Nathaniel and othersReport on the Petition that they may be incorporated to construct a boom of the Passadumkeag River1835
17Treat, Nathaniel and othersSee Stillwater Canal Bank 1835 PS 118-123
18Treat, Nathaniel and othersReport on the Petition of Nathaniel Treat and others for a Charter to authorize them to improve the navigation of the Penobscot River between Bangor and Oldtown1850
19Treat, Robert and othersAn Act to incorporate the Mount Waldo Bank1853
20Treat, Robert and othersReport on the Petition of Robert Treat and others for extension of time to pay in capital stock1854
21Treat, Upham and othersReport on the petition of Upham S. Treat and others for a law for the protection of oysters introduced into tide waters of Washington County 1863
22Treat, Upham S. and othersAn Act to set off a part of the Town of Lubec and annex the same to Eastport in the County of Washington and remonstrance of the Inhabitants of Lubec1847
23Treat, UptonResolve in favor of J. Merrill1841
24Treat, Webster and othersAn Act to protect menhaden or poggies in the waters of the coast of Maine1865

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