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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Tucker, D. H. and othersReport on the Petition of David B. Keith and others to incorporate the Plantation of Annsburg and remonstrance of D. H. Tucker and others1846
2Tucker, David W. and othersReport on a bill of David W. Tucker and others to have their land set off from Deblois and annexed to Cherryfield1863
3Tucker, Gideon and othersReport on an Act relating to the pay of soldiers1861
4Tucker, Harriet E. from Harriet E. CochranAn Act to change the name of certain persons1842
5Tucker, John and othersReport on the Petition for the renewal of the Charter of the Manufacturers Bank in Saco1831
6Tucker, Jonathan and othersReport on the petition of, for an Act to incorporate the Saco Manufacturing Canal Company and remonstrance of Moses Bradbury and others1826
7Tucker, Jonathan and othersReport on an Act authorizing the Proprietors of the New Congregational Meeting House in Saco to sell and dispose of the same to the First Parish in Saco and to accept the surrender of the Charter thereof and remonstrance of Jonathan Tucker and others1843
8Tucker, R. H., Jr., and othersAn Act to incorporate the Lincoln County Bank1861
9Tucker, Robert, Junior, and othersReport on the Petition of Jere O. Nichols and others that they may be incorporated into a Company to build a boom on the Narraguagus River in Cherryfield and remonstrance of Robert Tucker, Junior and others1843

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