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Administration Record of Gideon Owen

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Gideon Owen, late of Topsham. Jane, widow, Thomas and Hugh, oldest sons, desired that adm'n be granted to John, third son, 18 Oct., 1793. John Owen, of Topsham, Adm'r, 21 Oct., 1793. [V, 153-4.] William Burke and Samuel Winchell, both of Topsham, sureties. Inventory of real estate in Portland, Cumberland County, by Thomas Bradbury, Samuel Butts and Joseph McLellan, all of Portland, 31 Oct., 1793, 72 : 10 : 0. [VI, 176.] Inventory by John Patten, James Fulton and Joseph Graves, all of Topsham. [VI, 177 to 178.]

Source: The Probate Records of Lincoln County, Maine, 1760 to 1800 (Portland, Me.: Printed for the Maine Genealogical Society, 1895), p. 234, citing Lincoln County, Maine, Probate Records.

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