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The Will of Jonas Baly

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 From Maine Court Records (1661-93)

   In the name of god amen/ The 11th day of November : 1663 : I Jonas Balie of blew poynt alias Scarborrough In the prouince of Mayne alias the Countie of yorke, In New England being sicke In body, but of good & perfect memory thankes bee to god, & Calling to remembrance the vncerten estate of this transitory life, that all flesh must yejld vnto death, wn Itt shall please god to Call, do make Constitute & ordayne, & declare this my last will & testament In manner & forme following/ reuoakeing & disanulling by these presents, all & every testament & testaments will & wills heretofore by mee made & Delivered by word or wrighting, & this to bee taken onely for my last will & testament, & none other/ & first being pœnitent & sorrowfull from the bottome of my h'rt for my sins past, most humbly desireing forgiuenesse for the same, I giue & Committ my soule to god, my Saujor & Redeemer, In whome & by the merritts of Jesus Christ, I trust & beleiue assuredly to bee saved, & to haue full remission & forgiuenesse of all my sins, & that my soule with my body at the day of resurrection shall ryse agajne with Joy & through the merritts of Christs death & passion possesse & Inheritt the kingdome of Heaven prepared for his Elect Chozen. My body to bee burjed neare my wife Elizabeth, In ye Orchard by my house; And now for the settleing of my temporall estate, I do hereby Order, giue & dispose of the same, In manner & forme following/ I will that all those debts yt I ow to any manner of person or persons wtsoeuer, shall bee truly satisfyd & payd, with in Convenjent tyme, after my desease, by my executrix hereafter named : I do hereby make & ordayne my wife Ellner Baly my soole & onely executrix, & do giue & bequeath vnto her all my whoole estate after my decease, excepting those particulars following; Inps I giue vnto Mr Robert Jordans six suns eight pounds to bee æqually deuided amongst them/ Item I giue vnto Mr Fran : Neale Senjor, Three pounds/ I giue vnto his sun Fran : Neale 20s : Item I giue vnto his 2 daughters tenn shillings a peece/ Item I giue vnto John Jackeson fiue pounds. Item I giue vnto my brother Nicho : Baly Two pounds. Item I giue vnto Elizabeth Bryers Three pounds/ Item I giue vnto John Jackesons sun one pounds/ Item I do giue vnto young John Bryers one pound Item I giue vnto John Bryers his two daughters one pounds/ Item I giue vnto my man Hen : Burt one Heffer Calfe. Item I giue vnto my Godsun Sammuell Neale halfe my plantation after the desease of my wife/ Item I giue vnto Andrew Browns fiue suns Tenn shillings a peece/ In Testimony wrof, I haue herevnto sett my hand, this 11th of Novembr aforesd/

Signed & acknowledged In ye
   presence of Pajton Cooke/
   Christopher Collines/
The marke of
Jonas Baly
   Sworn to 9 Febry 63-4; recorded 8 March 64; Inventory returned at £294: 7: 4, 25 Jan'y : 63, by Richard Foxwell and Arthur Auger appraisers; Debts due him from Mr Robert Jordan; Andrew Browne, William Scadlocke and Mr Watts. A protest against the allowance of the above will is filed by the Rev. Robert Jordan, who claimed "that since & ever since the 11th of March 42: all the estate which might bee supposed to belong vnto Jonas Baly, hath beene & is Actually the right of the sayd Jordan, by deed, purchase & mantenance," and he files an alleged brief will by said Baly, of the last above date, in favor of Sarah Winter.

Source: Maine Wills, 1640-1760 (Portland, Me., 1887), p. 15, citing Court Records, E, 23.

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