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1Townships due west of the Monument Line to Moosehead Lake (Maine Land Office Plan Book 3A)Digital Maine
2This Plan represents several townships & parts of townships of land on the Eastern Line of the State of Maine..., 1825 (Maine Land Office Plan Book 3A)Digital Maine
3A plan of an exploring line run by the Land Agents of Massachusetts and of Maine in the months of October and November A.D. 1828 (Maine Land Office Plan Book 2)Digital Maine
4This plan represents the survey and allotment of Township B in the first range of townships west from the east line of the State in the County of Aroostook (Maine Land Office Plan Book 4)Digital Maine
5Blaine & Van Buren (incl. business directory) & Van Buren (M,R2), Cyr (L,R2) & Hamlin (G,R1) Plantations (Aroostook County Atlas, 1877)Digital Maine
6Map of Aroostook County Maine (Aroostook County Atlas, 1877)Digital Maine
7Mars Hill & Blaine (Aroostook County Atlas, 1877)Digital Maine
8Aroostook County (Atlas of the State of Maine, 1884)Digital Maine
9Map of Aroostook County, Maine (Atlas of the State of Maine, 1885)David Rumsey Map Collection
10Sanborn Map of Blaine, 1895DigitalCommons@UMaine
11Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Blaine, Aroostook County, Maine, 1895Library of Congress
12Sanborn Map of Blaine, 1900DigitalCommons@UMaine
13Sanborn Map of Blaine, 1906DigitalCommons@UMaine
14Sanborn Map of Blaine, 1912DigitalCommons@UMaine
15Historical USGS Maps of BlaineUNH Library
16Blaine - ED 2-7 (1940 Census Enumeration Maps)National Archives
17Aroostook County - ED 2-1 to ED 2-216 (1940 Census Enumeration Maps)National Archives
18Aroostook County - ED 2-1 to 246 (1950 Census Enumeration Maps)National Archives
19State of Maine, Aroostook County, Southern Part, 1976Osher Map Library

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