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1Plan of part of the Eastern Shore, 1753 (Plymouth Company Maps)Maine Historical Society
2Plan of Ruscohegon Alias Parker's Island, Georgetown, 1759 (Plymouth Company Maps)Maine Historical Society
3Plan of Georgetown, Me., made by Mark L. Hill, dated May 25, 1795Massachusetts Archives
4Survey of the town of Georgetown, 1795 (Maine Land Office Plan Book 22)Digital Maine
5Plan of Kennebec River through eight townships as part of the petition of the Pejepscot Proprietors, 1795 (Maine Land Office Plan Book 24)Digital Maine
6Town of Georgetown, 1795 (Maine Land Office Plan Books: Sagadahoc County)Digital Maine
7Plan of Georgetown, Maine, 1839Maine Historical Society
8Map of Sagadahoc County, Maine, 1858Library of Congress
9Lincoln County & Sagadahoc County (Atlas of the State of Maine, 1884)Digital Maine
10Map of Lincoln County, Maine, Map of Sagadahoc County, Maine (Atlas of the State of Maine, 1885)David Rumsey Map Collection
11Historical USGS Maps of GeorgetownUNH Library
12Sagadahoc County - ED 12-1 to ED 12-31 (1940 Census Enumeration Maps)National Archives
13Sagadahoc County - ED 12-1 to 32 (1950 Census Enumeration Maps)National Archives

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