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1A Plan of Ancient Portland (then known as Falmouth) circa 1688 with Additions of Later Points of Historic InterestOsher Map Library
2Ancient Falmouth from 1630-1690Digital Maine
3Plan of part of the Eastern Shore, 1753 (Plymouth Company Maps)Maine Historical Society
4Part of Oxford and Cumberland Counties, Maine, 1771Library of Congress
5Falmouth Neck as it was when destroyed October 18, 1775Digital Maine
6Falmouth Neck, As it was when destroyed by Mowett, Oct. 18, 1775Osher Map Library
7Falmouth Harbor, 1776Osher Map Library
8Plan ... of three townships together with the Settlers Lots therein being numbers one, two, and three in the second division of Townships northward of the Plymouth Company's land on the west side of Kennebec River, 1790 (Maine Land Office Plan Book 1)Digital Maine
9Plan of 1,000,000 acres of Land and Water surveyed by the Subscribers agreeable to directions of the Committee for the Sale of Eastern Lands, as a purchase made by Henry Jackson & Royal Flint, Esquires (Maine Land Office Plan Book 7)Digital Maine
10Plan of two Townships of land granted to the Sufferers of Portland A.D. 1791 & confirmed in 1793 (Maine Land Office Plan Book 21)Digital Maine
11Plan of Townships No. 2 and 3 in the 2nd Range of Townships Northward of the Plymouth Companies land on the west side of Kennebeck River together with an actual Survey of the River running thru No. 2 (Maine Land Office Plan Book 26)Digital Maine
12The Harbour of Casco Bay, and Islands Adjacent (1794)David Rumsey Map Collection
13Plan of Portland made by Peleg Wadsworth, dated May 1795Massachusetts Archives
14Plan of Township No. 2 (Freeman) and Township No. 3 (New Portland) surveyed by Samuel Freeman, dated 1795Massachusetts Archives
15Plan of the Town of Portland, 1795 (Maine Land Office Plan Book 20)Digital Maine
16Plan of Portland, Cadastral map of Portland, Maine, 18??Library of Congress
17This Plan represents several townships & parts of townships of land on the Eastern line of the State of Maine (Maine Land Office Plan Book 14)Digital Maine
18Plan of undivided lands in Aroostook County (Maine Land Office Plan Book 14)Digital Maine
19A Map of the Town of FalmouthOsher Map Library
20Map of Somerset County, 1843Osher Map Library

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