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Map NameRepository
1Plan of 1,000,000 acres of Land and Water surveyed by the Subscribers agreeable to directions of the Committee for the Sale of Eastern Lands, as a purchase made by Henry Jackson & Royal Flint, Esquires (Maine Land Office Plan Book 7)Digital Maine
2Map of Somerset County, 1843Osher Map Library
3Map of Somerset County, Maine, 1860Library of Congress
4Bow Town, Carrying Place Plantation, The Forks Plantation & Carratunk (Somerset County Atlas, 1882)Digital Maine
5Somerset County (Atlas of the State of Maine, 1884)Digital Maine
6Map of Somerset County, Maine (Atlas of the State of Maine, 1885)David Rumsey Map Collection
7Somerset County - ED 13-1 to ED 13-140 (1940 Census Enumeration Maps)National Archives
8Somerset County - ED 13-1 to 143 (1950 Census Enumeration Maps)National Archives
9State of Maine, Somerset County, 1976Osher Map Library

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