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Boothbay, Lincoln County

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Lincoln County (set off from York County in 1760)



Previous Designations

Townsend; Townsendham

The mainland of Boothbay and Boothbay Harbor were possibly called "Epituse" in an early deed

Damariscove and adjacent islands were once part of the Pemaquid Patent

Boundary Changes

Townsend (later Southport) was set off in 1842, Boothbay Harbor in 1889

Prominent Islands

Barters Island, Damariscove Island (formerly Agguahea, Damarill's Cove Island, Dambrell's Cove Island; the northern part known as Wood Island), Fisherman Island (formerly Fisherman's Island, Epituse, Hypocras), Fort Island (formerly Webber's Island, Narrows Island), Hodgdon Island (Hodgdon's Island), Outer Heron Island, Ram Island, Sawyer Island (Sawyer's Island), The Hypocrites (Hippocras)

Villages, Locations and Settlements

Backriver (former post office), Back Narrows, Boothbay (formerly Boothbay Center, or North Boothbay), Dover, East Boothbay (formerly Hodgdon Mills, Hodgdon's Mills, Hodgedon's Mills), Linekin (on Linekin Neck), Ocean Point (formerly Corbin's Sound), Spruce Shores, Trevett

Adjacent Towns and Townships

Boothbay Harbor, Edgecomb, South Bristol, Southport, Westport


Maine Historical Maps: Boothbay


Barters Island Baptist Church Cemetery


Boothbay Register

Maine Obituaries: Boothbay Register

(Disable ad blocker to view link)Obituary Collection: Boothbay Register []

Military Records

Boothbay War of 1812 Soldiers

World War I Soldiers Index: Boothbay

Vital Records

Boothbay Marriage Intentions, 1766-1820

Boothbay Fatalities, 1624-1904

Miscellaneous Resources

1771 Boothbay Tax Valuation

Kennebec Purchase Petitioners, 1752

Boothbay Selectmen, 1765-1905

General Resources

FamilySearch Catalog: Boothbay, Lincoln, Maine

Official Website: Town of Boothbay

Boothbay Region Historical Society

Maine Memory Network: Boothbay


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______, (Disable ad blocker to view link)The Petition & memorial of the towns of Bristol, Nobleborough, New-Castle, Edgcomb, and Boothbay, in the county of Lincoln, to the General Court of Massachusetts, Anno Domini, 1810 [] (Boston: Printed by J. Belcher, 1811)

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