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Maine Social Security Records


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NameDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathType of Record
1Mary Ellen Craine2 April 1907Johnville Nb, CanadaDuplicate SSN
2Mary Ellen Craine2 April 1907Johnville, CanadaDuplicate SSN
3Mary B. Sullivan17 Sept. 1908__ April 1989Death Data
4Mary C. Sullivan17 Sept. 1908Life Claim
5Mary E. Sullivan1 May 1907Life Claim
6Mary E. Sullivan2 April 1907Life Claim
7Mary E. Sullivan1 May 190720 Jan. 1998Death Data
8Mary K. Sullivan15 Aug. 191025 April 1993Death Data
9Mary K. Sullivan15 Aug. 1910Life Claim
10Mary L. Sullivan14 Oct. 19075 Nov. 1991Death Data
11Mary Lumbard Sullivan26 Dec. 1906Portland, MEDuplicate SSN
12Mary M. Sullivan21 July 1906Life Claim
13Mary T. Sullivan3 Sept. 1910Life Claim

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*Death date may belong to a spouse or child who filed for benefits under the number holder.