Spanish-American War Soldiers & Sailors

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NameAgeBirthplaceResidenceAssociated Name(s)
1Bernard J. Kelley21BangorBangor
2George F. Kelley28St. Andrews, Can.Calais, MaineMrs. Sarah B. Kelley, Calais, Maine
3James E. Kelley20BangorBangorMrs. C. Brennan, Bangor, Me.
4James J. Kelley21 6/12Troy, N. Y.Troy, N. Y.William M. Kelley, Sand Gate, Vermont
5John A. Kelley28PortlandPortland
6John P. KelleyJulia A. Kelley, Guardian of Stephen Kelley, Father
7Philip H. Kelley24Portland, MainePortland

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