Spanish-American War Soldiers & Sailors

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NameAgeBirthplaceResidenceAssociated Name(s)
1James W. Beesley21Cape ElizabethWestbrookMrs. Mary E. Libby, Westbrook, Me.
2Albert H. Libby19HarrisonPortlandLobert D. Libby, Portland, Me.
3Albion D. T. Libby22Scarboro, MaineN. ScarboroJohn A. Libby, No. Scarboro, Me.
4Aretas P. Libby35Windham, Me.Portland
5Carl W. Libby19PortlandPortlandMrs. A. P. Libby, Portland, Me.
6Edwin H. Libby38FalmouthWestbrook
7Ernest L. Libby24Dexter, Me.DexterA. C. Libby, Dexter, Me.
8Frank E. R. Libby25Boston, Mass.Cumberland Mills
9Harry J. (or Harvey J.) Libby26Augusta, MaineAugustaJohn H. Libby, Augusta, Maine
10Harvey H. Libby27ProspectPortlandJohn F. Libby, Prospect, Me.
11Herbert I. Libby26BiddefordBiddefordLizzie M. Tarbox, Biddeford
12Lorin P. Libby21Monmouth, Me.
13Stephen H. Libby20Gorham, MaineGorhamStephen P. Libby, Gorham, Me.

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