Spanish-American War Soldiers & Sailors

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NameAgeBirthplaceResidenceAssociated Name(s)
1Levi Cyr27Old TownAugustaMr. Joseph Sears, Augusta, Me.
2Elisha E. Sears21 6/12Gardiner, MaineGardiner, MaineMrs. Martha Sears, Bath, Maine
3George M. Sears23St. John, N. B.LewistonOvide Sears, St. John, N. B.
4Hiram L. Sears25Willimantic, Me.GuilfordEdith Huff, Guilford, Me.
5Joseph Sears22Lowell, Mass.AugustaJoseph Sears, Augusta, Me.
6Thomas F. Sears26

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