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USGS Record: Morgan Meadow, Cumberland County, Maine

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Feature Name: Morgan Meadow

Feature Type: Swamp

Primary Coordinates: 43.945, -70.4 (43 56' 42" N, 70 2' 40" W)

Elevation: 112 meters (367 feet)

USGS Map Name: Raymond

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Citation: U.S. Geological Survey. Geographic Names Phase I data compilation (1976-1981). Various editions. 31-Dec-1981. Primarily from U.S. Geological Survey 1:24,000-scale topographic maps (or 1:25K, Puerto Rico 1:20K) and from U.S. Board on Geographic Names files. In some instances, from 1:62,500 scale or 1:250,000 scale maps.

Entry Date: 30 Sep 1980

Source: USGS Geographic Names Information System: Feature Detail Report for Morgan Meadow

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