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Penobscot County — 1850

NARA Roll# M432-264 (FHL Roll# 443501); NARA Roll# M432-265 (FHL Roll# 443502); NARA Roll# M432-266 (FHL Roll# 443503)

Towns included (Roll 264): Bangor (p. 1A); Bradley (p. 262A); Brewer (p. 173A); Clifton (p. 281A); Eddington (p. 272A); Glenburn (p. 302A); Hermon (p. 285A); Orono (p. 228A); Orrington (p. 205A).

Towns included (Roll 265): Bradford (p. 199A); Carmel (p. 350A); Charleston (p. 174A); Corinna (p. 49A); Corinth (p. 154A); Dexter (p. 69A); Dixmont (p. 383A); Etna (p. 28A); Exeter (p. 116A); Garland (p. 139A); Hampden (p. 313A); Kirkland (p. 190A); Levant (p. 94A); Newburgh (p. 366A); Newport (p. 13A); Plymouth (p. 1A); Stetson (p. 38A).

Towns included (Roll 266): Alton (p. 257A); Argyle (p. 252A); Burlington (p. 295A); Carroll (p. 328A); Chester (p. 359A); East Indian Township (p. 338A); Edinburg (p. 269B); Enfield (p. 271A); Greenbush (p. 276A); Howland (p. 284A); Indian Township No. 2 (p. 381A); La Grange (p. 260A); Lee (p. 310A); Lincoln (p. 342A); Lowell (p. 290B); Mattamiscontis (p. 287A); Maxfield (p. 281B); Milford (p. 301A); Old Town (p. 215A); Passadumkeag (p. 266A); Patten (p. 264A); Springfield (p. 321A); [Township] Letter A, Range 6th (p. 378A); [Township] Letter A, Range 7th (p. 380A); [Township] Letter L (p. 376A); Township No. 2, Range 8 (p. 384A); Township No. 3, First Range, North of Bingham Purchase (p. 288A); Township No. 3, Range 6 (p. 372A); Township No. 3, Range 7 (p. 372B); Township No. 3, Range 8 (p. 383A); Township No. 4, First Range, North of Bingham Purchase (p. 290A); Township No. 4, Third Range (p. 336A); Township No. 5, Range 6 (p. 370A); Township No. 5, Range 7 (p. 377A); Township No. 6, Third Range (p. 333B); Township No. 7, Third Range (p. 334A); Township No. 7, Fourth Range (p. 333A); Township No. 8, Range 8th (p. 382A); West Indian Township (p. 374A).

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