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Somerset County — 1850

NARA Roll# M432-268 (FHL Roll# 443505); NARA Roll# M432-269 (FHL Roll# 443506)

Towns included (Roll 268): Cambridge (p. 114A); Canaan (p. 63A); Detroit (p. 21A); Harmony (p. 98A); Hartland (p. 27B); Norridgewock (p. 150A); Palmyra (p. 1A); Pittsfield (p. 84A); Ripley (p. 120A); Skowhegan (p. 41A); St. Albans (p. 128A).

Towns included (Roll 269): Anson (p. 167A); Athens (p. 1A); Attean Township (p. 274B); Bingham (p. 237A); Bloomfield (p. 150A); Brighton (p. 225A); Concord (p. 285A); Cornville (p. 18B); Embden (p. 213A); Fairfield (p. 121A); Holden Plantation, Moose River (p. 271B); Jackson Township (p. 273B); Lexington (p. 255A); Long Pond Plantation (p. 273A); Madison (p. 52A); Mayfield (p. 235A); Mercer (pp. 86A and 119A); Moscow (p. 247A); New Portland (p. 195A); North Anson (p. 181A); Parlin Pond Plantation (p. 274A); Smithfield (p. 74A); Solon (p. 33B); Starks (p. 100A); Township No. 1, Range 2, West of Kennebec River (p. 282A); [Township] No. 1, Range 3, East of Kennebec River (p. 281A); [Township] No. 1, Range 3, West of Kennebec River (p. 278A); [Township] No. 1, Range 4, East of Kennebec River (p. 279A); [Township] No. 1, Range 4, West of Kennebec River (Bow Township) (p. 280B); [Township] No. 1, Range 5 (The Forks) (p. 275A); Township No. 2, Range 2, West of Kennebec River (p. 263A); [Township] No. 3, Range 3, West of Kennebec River (p. 265A); [Township] No. 4, Range 4, West of Kennebec River (Flagstaff) (p. 267A); [Township] No. 5, Range 2 (Canada Road) (p. 271A); [Township] No. 5, Range 3 (Canada Line) (p. 269B).

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