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Secretary of State Correspondence Record: Number of cases on the docket of the SJC for Cumberland County and attorny's names.

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Item Description: Number of cases on the docket of the SJC for Cumberland County and attorny's names.
Date Written: Jan. 1868
Box and Folder: 27-12
Associated names: J. S. Abbott; F. Adams; S. C. Andrews; P. Barnes; Barrows and Thompson; Bicknell and Stetson; A. Black; Bonney and Harriman; W. Boyd; Bradbury and Bradbury; A. W. Bradbury; H. H. Bradbury; Bradley and Sweat; H. C. Burbank; J. M. Carleton; S. L. Carleton; W. G. Chadbourne; C. A. Chaplin; T. S. Chase; S. Clark; T. P. Cleaves; W. H. Clifford; J. C. Cobb; M. and Kingsbury Cobb; O. G. Cook; M. Crillis; J. W. Dana; Dane and Bourne; Davis and Drummond; G. T. Davis; H. C. Davis; J. P. Davis; Deane and Verrill; H. P. Deane; Deblois and Jackson; Dennett and Dennett; J. O. Donnell; F. M. Drew; Ira F. Drew; D. Dunn; Eastman and Son; Emery and Drummond; G. B. Emery; L. A. Emery; M. Emery and Son; Fessenden and Butler; Fessenden and Frye; D. W. Fessenden; J. D. Fessenden; W. H. Fessenden; W. H. Fogler; E. Fox; F. Fox; B. Freeman; E. Gerry; C. J. Gilman; Charles Goddard; A. P. Gould; C. F. H. Greene; F. W. Guptill; Thomas Gween; A. Haines; D. Hale; P. R. Hall; B. F. Hamilton; S. Hamilton; S. M. Harmon; Thomas Haskell; D. R. Hastings; W. H. Hilton; Holden and Peabody; A. B. Holden; J. C. Holman; Howard and Cleaves; N. H. Hubbard; Wales Hubbard; Ingalls and Smith; D. H. Ingraham; Jameson and Andrews; F. J. Littlefields; N. S. Littlefields; Lowell and Thatcher; Mason and Weymouth; C. P. Mattocks; J. W. May; S. May; E. W. McFadden; W. H. McLellan; A. M. Meek; A. Merrill; C. B. Merrill; P. S. Merrill; J. F. Miller; E. W. Mitchell; A. P. Moore; L. S. Moore; J. Morgan; N. Morrill; W. E. Morris; G. S. Nutting; H. Orr; J. W. Parker; H. C. Peabody; J. J. Perry; J. F. Pickering; L. Pierce; Pillsbury and Tripp; W. L. Putnam; E. M. Rand; J. Rand; F. M. Ray; C. Record; Rice and Lowell; R. W. Robinson; Rowe and Appleton; A. Sanborn; Shepley and Dana; E. P. Sherwood; J. D. Simmons; Smith and Reed; E. B. Smith; F. O. J. Smith; H. Smith; M. Smith; F. A. Staples; D. D. Stewart; Strout and Gage; H. J. Swasey; L. D. M. Sweat; J. W. Symonds; G. F. Talbot; Tallman and Larrabee; Tapley and Smith; P. Thatcher; W. W. Thomas, Jr.; E. W. Thompson; A. S. Twitchell; B. D. Verrill; G. W. Verrill; Vinton and Dennett; W. H. Vinton; W. W. Virgin; J. A. Waterman; N. Webb; J. H. Webster; Weld and Marshall; A. B. Wentworth; C. R. Whidden; H. L. Whitcomb; N. M. Whitmore; S. H. Willard; J. H. Williams; H. Willis; F. A. Wilson; G. A. Wilson; J. C. Woodman; J. C. Woodman, Jr.; Noah Woods
Associated subjects: Supreme Judicial Court—Maine—Cumberland County; Courts—Officials and employees—Maine
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Source citation: "Secretary of State Correspondence, 1820-1914," database, Maine Genealogy ( : accessed 17 June 2024), entry for Number of cases on the docket of the SJC for Cumberland County and attorny's names., Jan. 1868, citing Hancock County Court of Sessions database, Maine State Archives.

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