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Secretary of State Correspondence Record: Petition recommending the appointment of George W. Coombs to the office of Sheriff of Androscoggin County.

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Item Description: Petition recommending the appointment of George W. Coombs to the office of Sheriff of Androscoggin County.
Date Written: 10 Oct. 1870
Box and Folder: 30-19
Associated names: Joel S. Allen; A. H. Amback; Charles Amback; William Andrews; S. W. Avery; William H. Barstow; Edward Berry; A. T. Bibber; Seth H. Bickford; Ira Blethen; James Booker; C. M. Bowie; William Brackett; Amaziah Brewer; Frank Brickett; Benjamin Dole Bryant; John C. Bryant; Clinton Clark; C. D. Clarke; George W. Coombs; J. H. Coombs; William S. Cotton; George Crosman; S. Crosman; J. H. Davis; Jesse Davis; William P. Davis; J. H. Dearing; J. T. Dennison; L. E. Dennison; J. C. Dill; Samuel S. Dinld; Ringling Donell; David Donnely; E. A. Douglass; C. H. Douglass; John B. Douglass; D. C. Dunlap; William Dunn; John Eaton; Charles Elliott; Israel K. Estes; James H. Eveleth; C. Alexander Ewing; James W. Farrin; G. R. Foster; P. G. Frost; George H. Gatchell; E. H. Gerrish; H. G. Gerrish; David C. Getchell; Eznd Getchell; Frederick R. Gibbs; P. L. Glidden; T. T. Goddard; G. B. Green; William C. Green; Nelson Haley; Joel Ham; William C. Hascall; Cyrus Haskell; John N. Hatch; Theron A. Healy; Melvin Henderson; Joel Hinkley; Charles M. Hutchinson; O. F. Ireland; R. W. Jack; Alfred E. Jordan; Benjamin Jordan; Benjamin P. Jordan; Charles B. Jordan; Horace Jordan; J. G. Jordan; Jona B. Jordan; William Jordan; C. E. Judkins; S. H. Lancaster; William Lang; Royal E. Larabee; Thomas Leonard; Jonathan Libby; G. A. Littlefield; J. W. Littlefield; Stephen P. Littlefield; William Maines; Arthur Maxwell; C. H. Maxwell; Daniel L. Maxwell; William Maxwell, Jr.; James McLaughlan; John H. Merrill; Olando Merrill; W. H. Merrill; R. B. Mitchell; F. C. Moulton; J. L. Moulton; Andrew C. Munsey; A. C. Neal; Joseph Philbrook; Jere Phillbrook; Charles B. Plummer; George Plummer; John Plummer; John W. Plummer; Rufus C. Polley; J. M. Prince; Jason Rand; John A. Reed; Willard M. Robinson; T. C. Rogers; Amri Sanborn; D. S. Sanborn; Joseph Sanborn; Hermon Sawyer; George B. Shorey; F. A. Small; H. V. Small; O. R. Small; William Small, Jr.; David Smith; Calvin Spofford; George M. Spofford; Simeon Stone; Henry Sylvester; Samuel Sylvester; Daniel H. Teague; Amos H. Tenly; Benjamin F. Thom; Holmes Thomas; Joseph W. Thomas; Henry H. Thompson; Josiah Twins; Joseph C. Tyler; George H. Vining; Otis S. Vining; John F. Waterhouse; Lorenzo D. Waterhouse; R. W. Waterhouse; E. B. Webber; Edsell Webber; Alfred Webencooper; William Webster; Isaiah Weymouth; O. B. Weymouth; H. C. White; H. K. White; L. J. White; J. C. Whitney; John Whitney; E. S. Whittemore; John Whittemore; Increas S. Whittney; William R. Wight; Aaron Williams; John Williams; Minot Williams; John P. Woodbury; E. Woodside; Alfred B. Wyman; Isaac Youlund
Associated subjects: Auburn (Androscoggin Co., Me.); Sheriffs—Androscoggin Co., Maine; Maine—Officials and employees; Petitions—Lisbon, Maine
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Source citation: "Secretary of State Correspondence, 1820-1914," database, Maine Genealogy ( : accessed 1 December 2023), entry for Petition recommending the appointment of George W. Coombs to the office of Sheriff of Androscoggin County., 10 Oct. 1870, citing Hancock County Court of Sessions database, Maine State Archives.

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