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Of the 28,396 records in this collection, those dated prior to 1892 were indexed by the Maine State Archives, which notes that "[a]ll Maine counties are listed with the exception of Lincoln County, who still has their records at the Court House in Wiscasset. Also not indexed are divorce cases heard in the Courts of Common Pleas or the early District Courts."

Since 1892 Maine county clerks have been required to return to the State abstracted records of all divorces and annulments granted by the courts convened in their counties. The returns generally give the names of the parties involved, the dates of marriage and divorce, and the grounds for divorce. (Note that marriage dates in these records are often incorrect.) The post-1891 records in this database are taken from these returns, available at Digital Maine (see index below). Certified copies of these later records may be obtained from the Maine Office of Vital Records.

Further details on divorce proceedings—which may include place of marriage, places of residence, names and ages of children, and circumstances leading to the divorce—may be found in the original court records, in many cases available at the State Archives and in the Maine State Archives Collection at FamilySearch.

 Divorce Returns Index, 1892-1963

Sources: Maine Divorce Index 1800-1891, formerly provided online by the Maine State Archives; and Maine Divorce Index, 1892-1963, Digital Maine