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1820-1855, 1861-1865

Legislative Index: An Act to change the names of certain persons

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Description: An Act to change the names of certain persons
Subjects: Adams, Lorin from Adlay, Lorin Adams; Adlay, Lorin Adams to Adams, Lorin; Ayer, John from Hopkins, John A.; Balfour, Knaland from Hilton, Gilman; Bean, Dudley Doe to Bentley, Daniel Dudley; Bean, Eliza Ann to Bentley, Eliza Ann; Bentley, Daniel Dudley from Bean, Dudley Doe; Bentley, Eliza Ann from Bean, Eliza Ann; Carney, Jasper to Scott, Sergeant Jasper; Cummings, Mary from Starr, Mary; Davis, Caroline from Tupper, Caroline; Davis, Frances Ellen from Tupper, Frances Ellen; Davis, Grenville Hollice from Tupper, Grenville Hollice; Davis, Henry Harrison from Tupper, Harrison; Davis, Joshua from Tupper, Joshua; Davis, Lucy Ann from Tupper, Lucy Ann; Davis, Lucy from Tupper, Lucy; Davis, Orren Dennison from Tupper, Orren Dennison; Dennis, Emeline from Twitchel, Emeline; Dennis, Hobert from Twitchel, Joseph; Dennis, Joshua from Twitchel, Joshua; Dennis, Samuel Dexter from Dexter, Samuel; Dexter, Samuel to Dennis, Samuel Dexter; Eames, Hiram Patten to Littlefield, Hiram Eames; Ford, Asia to Ford, Charles Asia; Ford, Charles Asia from Ford, Asia; Fowler, Cyrus True to True, Cyrus; Franklin, Addison from Garland, Addison; Franklin, Benjamin from Garland, Benjamin; Franklin, Edwin from Garland, Edwin; Franklin, Hannah from Garland, Hannah; Franklin, Laban from Garland, Laban; Franklin, Mahala from Garland, Mahala; Franklin, Mariam from Garland, Mariam; Franklin, Ziba from Garland, Ziba; Garland, Addison to Franklin, Addison; Garland, Benjamin to Franklin, Benjamin; Garland, Edwin to Franklin, Edwin; Garland, Hannah to Franklin, Hannah; Garland, Laban to Franklin, Laban; Garland, Mahala to Franklin, Mahala; Garland, Miriam to Franklin, Mariam; Garland, Ziba to Franklin, Ziba; Griffin, Reuben Ganelle from Griffin, Reuben; Griffin, Reuben to Griffin, Reuben Ganelle; Hilton, Gilman to Knaland Balfour; Hitchcock, Benjamin to Thaxter, Benjamin; Hitchcock, Rufus William to Thaxter, Rufus William; Hopkins, John A. to Ayer, John; Jewett, Charles Edward from Mahoney, Charles Edward; Jewett, George Henry from Mahoney, George Henry; Jewett, Moses Carlton from Mahoney, Moses Carlton; Jewett, Sarah Elizabeth from Mahoney, Sarah Elizabeth; Jewett, Susan from Mahoney, Susan; Kittredge, Bracket from Smith, Bracket; Kittredge, Eliza from Smith, Eliza; Kittredge, George from Smith, George; Kittredge, Joseph W. from Smith, Joseph W.; Knight, Osgood from Knight, Peter Osgood; Knight, Peter Osgood to Knight, Osgood; Littlefield, Hiram Eames from Eames, Hiram Patten; Mahoney, Charles Edward to Jewett, Charles Edward; Mahoney, George Henry to Jewett, George Henry; Mahoney, Moses Carlton to Jewett, Moses Carlton; Mahoney, Sarah Elizabeth to Jewett, Sarah Elizabeth; Mahoney, Susan to Jewett, Susan; Moore, Edwin from Moore, William, II; Moore, William, II, to Moore, Edwin; Neal, Charles to Thompson, William; Pease, Lucy to Shepherd, Lucy Frances; Scott, Sergeant Jasper from Carney, Jasper; Shepherd, Lucy Frances from Pease, Lucy; Smith, Bracket to Kittredge, Bracket; Smith, Eliza to Kittredge, Eliza; Smith, George to Kittredge, George; Smith, Joseph W. to Kittredge, Joseph W.; Starr, Mary to Cummings, Mary; Thaxter, Benjamin from Hitchcock, Benjamin; Thaxter, Rufus William from Hitchcock, Rufus William; Thompson, William from Neal, Charles; True, Cyrus from Fowler, Cyrus True; Tupper, Caroline to Davis, Caroline; Tupper, Frances Ellen to Davis, Frances Ellen; Tupper, Grenville Hollice to Davis, Grenville Hollice; Tupper, Harrison to Davis, Henry Harrison; Tupper, Joshua to Davis, Joshua; Tupper, Lucy Ann to Davis, Lucy Ann; Tupper, Lucy to Davis, Lucy; Tupper, Orren Dennison to Davis, Orren Dennison; Twitchel, Emeline to Dennis, Emeline; Twitchel, Joseph to Dennis, Hobert; Twitchel, Joshua to Dennis, Joshua
Year: 1844
Type: PS Ch 70
Reference Code: 197-70
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Source citation: "Maine Legislative Index, 1820-1855, 1861-1865," database, Maine Genealogy ( : accessed 14 July 2024), entry for An Act to change the names of certain persons, 1844, citing Legislature and Legislature 61-65 databases, Maine State Archives.

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