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1An Act establishing the Town line between the Towns of China and Albion1839
2Report on the Petition that they may be set off from Albion and annexed to Palermo, and remonstrance of the Selectmen of Albion1839
3AlbionSee Scarboro 1821 GY 5-16
4AlbionSee Winslow 1821 GY 6-12
5AlbionSee Scarboro 1822 GY 10-22
6AlbionSee Bradstreet, John 1823 GY 18-14
7AlbionAn Act to alter the name of Ligonia to1824
8AlbionSee Apportionment 1826 GY 41-5
9AlbionSee Taylor, Amasa 1826 GY 42-9
10AlbionSee China 1829 GY 55-23
11AlbionAn Act to annex part of the territory north of, in the County of Kennebec to said town1835
12AlbionSee Stackpole, Joseph and others 1835 GY 89-20
13AlbionPetition of James Crosby, Junior and others in support of the Petition of John Winslow and others of the Town of Albion bearing date November 8, 18411842
14AlbionReport on the Petition of Daniel H. Brown and others relative to an Act establishing the County of Sebasticook and remonstrance of Inhabitants of Albion1848
15AlbionReport on the Petition of William Davis 2nd and others to be set off from Unity Plantation to Albion1852
16AlbionAn Act to prevent the destruction of pickerel in the Fifteen Mile Pond in Albion1853
17AlbionAn Act to set off certain persons from Unity Plantation and annex the same to the Town of Albion1853
18AlbionAn Act to change the name of John Guptill1854
19AlbionResolve abating the State Tax on Albion1861
20AlbionAn Act to prevent the destruction of pickerel in Lovejoy's Pond in the Town of Albion1861
21AlbionSee Fairfax
22Albion (proposed new town)See Scarboro 1821 GY 5-16
23Albion (proposed new town)See Scarboro 1822 GY 10-22
24Albion (proposed new town)See True, Samuel and others 1826 GY 37-29
25Albion DamReport on the Petition of John Winslow and others that they may be incorporated into a company to build a dam in Albion and remonstrance of Nathaniel Maxwell and others1843

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