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1Report on the Petition for an Act to prevent the sale of ardent spirits at or near Town Meetings1836
2Report on the Order relative to retailing ardent spirits on day of Military Parade or Review at any distance within one mile of the field in place of parade or review1838
3Ardent SpiritsSee Poor 1835 GY 89-18
4Ardent SpiritsSee Sewall, Rufus and others 1835 GY 94-31
5Ardent SpiritsReport on the Petition of Samuel Adams and others to a repeal of the License Law1842
6Ardent SpiritsReport on the Petition of the Selectmen of Bath for an addition to the Act restricting the sale of intoxicating drinks1848
7Ardent SpiritsReport on the Petition of Henry S. Loring and others for an amendment to the license laws1849
8Ardent SpiritsReport on the Petition of George W. Jones and others for an Act additional to the 36th Chapter of the Revised Statutes1849
9Ardent SpiritsSee also Spiritous Liquors
10Chase, Stephen and othersReport on the petition that a law may be passed prohibiting the use of ardent spirits by officers and soldiers on days of training1830
11PoorReport on a Resolve for ascertaining the number of, in this State from the intemperate use of ardent spirits1835
12Sewall, Rufus and othersReport on the Petition for repeal of the License Laws and prohibiting the traffic of ardent spirits1835
13Spiritous LiquorsPetitions of Women against sale of ardent spirits1835

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