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1Report of the Committee on Banks and Banking respecting the1836
2Report on the Order relative to increase of Capital for Banks1836
3An Act to prohibit Agencies for Banks out of the State, private Banking and to regulate1836
4Order to publish in the newspaper An Act to prohibit Agencies for Banks out of State, private Banking and to regulate1836
5Report on the Bill additional to increase the tax on Banks, also Bill additional for the regulation of Banks and Bill for the further regulation of Banks1837
6Orders left on the table at the close of the session relative to Bowdoin College, reducing the Sheriffs fees and respecting Banks1837
7Report on the Order relative to the basis of the circulation of the several Banks1838
8Report on the Petition that all Banks be required by law to pay all notes on demand on all business hours and on all business days1838
9Order directing the issue of a summons to Judah Dana and H. C. Buswell to appear before the Committee on Banks and Banking in relation to1838
10Report on an Act prohibiting banks from establishing Agencies out of this State for the redemption of their bills and regulating the ratio of species to bills in circulation1839
11Resolve requiring the, to publish a list of the Stockholders of the Banks in Maine1839
12Order relative to Bonds of Cashiers of Banks1839
13Commissioner's Report on an Act additional to Acts regulating, and petitions of certain Banks for reduction of Capital1840
14Report on an Order relative to, repealing an Act approved March 21, 1835 entitled an Act to regulate Banks by prohibiting the emission and circulation of Bank Bills or notes of a small denomination1840
15Report on the Petition of the Memorial relative to Banks and Banking1840
16Report on the Order relating to making void notes, bills etc., discounted by banks upon which more than legal interest has been paid1855
17Report on the Order relative to returns from savings banks1855
18Accounts BalancedResolve directing the State Treasurer to balance accounts with the Washington County and Saint Croix Banks1855
19Acts and Resolves 1858, Chapter 024An Act additional to Chapter 24 of the Public Laws of 1858, relating to banks and banking1862
20AssessorsReport on the Order relative to requiring cashiers of savings banks to make returns to assessors of towns1852
21Atlantic BankResolve authorizing the Treasurer to adjust accounts with the Atlantic, Ellsworth and Hancock Banks1861
22Bangor BanksAn Act to increase the capital stock of the Mercantile Bank, Bangor1861
23Bank Cashier ReturnsReport on a bill to amend Chapter 47 of the Revised Statutes relating to printing abstracts from Returns of Cashiers of Banks1863
24Bank of PortlandReport on the Petition of certain Banks relative to surrendering their Charters; of J. W. Patterson and others that Banks shall keep their bills at par and also that all Bank Stock of Inhabitants from out of State shall be taxed in the Town where the Bank1843
25Bank ReceiversAn Act additional to Chapter 47 of the Revised Statutes relating to receivers of banks1863

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