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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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26Bank ReturnsReport on the Order relative to requiring cashiers of savings banks to make returns to assessors of towns1852
27Bank ReturnsOrder that the Secretary of State notify Banks about returns1863
28Bank TaxResolve authorizing the Treasurer to receive $8000 of the Treasurer of Massachusetts and to receive the tax of the Banks1820
29Bank TaxAn Act to amend an Act entitled An Act to authorize the surrender of Charters of existing banks in this State, & to remit a portion of the Bank Tax1865
30Banking AssociationsAn Act to enable the banks of this state to become banking associations under the laws of the United States1865
31Bankruptcy LawReport on a Resolve in relation to the bankrupt law as applicable to Banks1842
32BanksSee Cumberland Bank 1820 RS 1-21
33BanksResolve appointing Commissioners to inquire into the doings of certain1820
34BanksAn Act making further provisions in respect to1820
35BanksSee Castine Bank 1820 RS 1 - 10
36BanksSee Hallowell Bank 1821 PS 8-117
37BanksAn Act to enforce payment of notes to1821
38BanksResolve granting compensation to James Bridge and others, a Committee to investigate the doings of certain1821
39BanksAn Act regarding returns from, and enforcing right to loans1821
40BanksSee United States Bank vs State of Ohio 1821 GY 6-2
41BanksSee Bank of Passamaquoddy 1821 PS 8-118
42BanksAn Act to impose a tax on, within the State1821
43BanksSee Augusta Bank 1821 PS 8-117
44BanksSee Wiscasset Bank 1821 PS 9-126
45BanksReport regarding pecuniary concerns1822
46BanksSee Governor's Message 1822 GY 13-3
47BanksSee Bangor Bank 1822 GY 10-7
48BanksReport on the order to investigate1822
49BanksSee South Berwick Bank 1822 PS 20-76
50BanksSee Wiscasset Bank 1822 PS 19-68

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