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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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26BooksResolve in favor of the Town of Casco1845
27BooksResolving for furnishing Plantations organized for election purposes with books and maps1846
28BooksResolve providing for the purchase and distribution of Eastman's Digest of the Maine Reports1849
29BooksReport on a Resolve providing for the purchase and distribution of Barnards School Architecture1849
30BooksAn Act additional in relation to the State Library1849
31BooksResolve for the purchase of books for the use of inmates at the State Prison1850
32BooksReport on a Resolve providing books furnished by the State to certain plantations and towns1852
33BooksResolve in favor of the Town of Farmingdale1852
34BooksResolve in favor of certain plantations1852
35BooksResolve in favor of the Town of Grafton1852
36BooksResolve in favor of the Town of Holden1852
37BooksResolve in favor of the Counties of Androscoggin and Sagadahoc1854
38BooksResolve in favor of Township 4, Range 1 in the County of Penobscot1854
39BooksCommunication of S. E. Benjamin for the Selectmen of Patten relative to the Maine Reports and others documents distributed to Towns1854
40BooksResolve in favor of the Town of Rockland1854
41BooksResolve to provide for the distribution of the Seventh Annual Report of the Superintendant of Common Schools1861
42BooksResolve to furnish certain books to the County of Knox1861
43BooksResolve relating to school books1861
44BooksResolve in favor of the Town of Orono for books1861
45BooksReport on the Resolve for the purchase of 500 copies of the Maine Civil Officer1861
46BooksReport of the Legislative Committee on Education regarding the purchase of history books1861
47BooksOrder that copies of the Revised Statutes, Worcester's Dictionary and Webster's Dictionary be made available for use of the Senate1862
48BooksResolve to present certain publications to the Chicago Historical Society1862
49BooksOrder that 400 copies of the Senate Register be printed1862
50BooksResolve for the publication of the Digest of Resolves1862

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