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51BooksOrder for 5 copies of the Digest of Resolves for use of the Senate1863
52BooksResolve providing for the purchase of certain Law Reports for the State Library, also for paying the Contingent Expenses of said Library1863
53BooksOrder that additional copies of the Adjutant General's Report be bound1863
54BooksResolve authorizing the purchase of 25 copies of the Revised Statutes1863
55BooksOrder to distribute for use of the Legislature 5 copies of the Revised Statutes and dictionaries1863
56BooksResolve providing for the presentation of certain books and publications to Literary Institutions and to Public Libraries1863
57BooksReport on a bill to prevent school committee men acting as agents of the publishers of school books1863
58BooksOrder that 350 copies of the Report "Defences of Maine" by John A. Poor be printed1863
59BooksResolve in favor of County Law Libraries1863
60BooksOrder for one copy of the Acts and Resolves of 1862 be provided for each member of the Legislature1863
61BooksOrder that the Adjutant General have one copy of his report bound for each Member of the Legislature1863
62BooksOrder that the Adjutant General furnish 1000 copies of his 1862 report1863
63BooksLegislative Orders - 18631863
64BooksResolve in favor of the Town of Columbia Falls1864
65BooksA bill to secure a greater uniformity of text books for use in Common Schools1864
66BooksResolve for the purchase of copies of the Revised Statutes1864
67BooksAn Order related to printing of the Senate Journal1864
68BooksLegislative Orders1864
69BooksA bill for aid from the State to enable John Dennis of Madison to publish a book on Martial Music1864
70BooksResolve for purchasing books for the State Library and for the usual expenses of said Library1864
71BooksOrder that 400 copies of the Senate Register be printed for use1865
72BooksResolve donating certain books and documents to the Library of Bates College1865
73BooksOrder that 300 copies of the Legislative Manual to be printed for use1865
74BooksLegislative Orders1865
75Books and ReportsResolve in favor of the Town of Kennebec1850

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