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26BoomsSee Whitney, Joseph and others 1830 GY 61-7
27BoomsSee Saco Boom 1831 PS 73-62
28BoomsSee Kennebec River Boom Corporation 1831 PS 77-106
29BoomsSee Bartlett, Richard H. and others 1831 GY 67-25
30BoomsSee Smith, Edward and others 1831 GY 67-30
31BoomsSee Fiske, Benjamin and others 1832 GY 76-7
32BoomsSee Sugar Island Side Boom Company 1832 PS 90-125
33BoomsSee Androscoggin River Side Booms 1832 PS 88-95
34BoomsSee Penobscot Boom Company 1832 PS 83-40
35BoomsSee Kennebec Boom Corporation 1832 PS 86-67
36BoomsSee Usher, Abijah, Jr., and others 1833 GY 78-21
37BoomsSee Fiske, Benjamin and others 1833 GY 77-4
38BoomsSee Blossom, Alden and others 1833 GY 77-3
39BoomsAn Act to prevent and punish injuries to rafts and1834
40BoomsSee Cherryfield Boom Company 1834 PS 104-80
41BoomsSee Lewis, Philo and others 1834 GY 87-8
42BoomsSee Treat, Nathaniel and others 1835 GY 93-17
43BoomsSee Sugar Island Boom Corporation 1835 GY 93-29
44BoomsSee Woodman, William and others 1835 GY 94-20
45BoomsSee Greely, James and others 1835 GY 93-13
46BoomsSee West Branch Boom Company 1835 PS 119-138
47BoomsSee Kennebec Boom Corporation 1835 PS 117-114
48BoomsReport on the Petition of Caleb Parker that he may be authorized to construct a boom across the Swift River in Byron1841
49BoomsAn Act additional to the Acts incorporating the Penobscot Boom Corporation1841
50BoomsAn Act in addition to an Act to incorporate the Penobscot Boom Corporation1842

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