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76BoomsReport on the Petition of Waldo T. Pierce for an Act of incorporation to build a boom across the Stillwater Branch of the Penobscot River1849
77BoomsReport on the Petition of Ansel Smith for right to build a boom above Chesuncook Lake1849
78BoomsAn Act additional to an Act to incorporate the Penobscot Log Driving Company1849
79BoomsReport on an Act in addition to the 86th Chapter of the Revised Statutes1850
80BoomsReport on the Petition of A. H. Merrill and others for an Act additional to the law regulating the Penobscot Boom Corporation1850
81BoomsReport on the Petition of Robert R. Drummond and others for a boom in Sebasticook River at a place called Dead Water in the Town of Winslow and remonstrance of David Hunter, 2nd and others1850
82BoomsAn Act additional to an Act approved August 6, 1846 relating to the Kennebec Log Driving Company, providing a deposite boom by the Kennebec Log Driving Company1852
83BoomsAn Act to incorporate the Pejepscot Boom Company1852
84BoomsAn Act to regulate private booms on Kennebec River1852
85BoomsAn Act to incorporate the West Branch Pleasant River Company1852
86BoomsReport on the Petition of Henry Reed and others for a boom from Brown's Island to Bowman's Point in the Kennebec River1852
87BoomsReport on the Petition of Theodore S. Brown for an Act concerning the Penobscot Boom Company1852
88BoomsReport on the Petition of John Winn for an increase of toll on Penobscot Boom1853
89BoomsReport on the Petition of J. T. K. Hayward and others for a law to further regulate the Penobscot Boom Corporation and remonstrance of Daniel White and others1853
90BoomsAn Act authorizing the extension of the Charter of the Bangor Boom Company1853
91BoomsAn Act additional to Acts establishing and regulating the Penobscot Boom Corporation1854
92BoomsAn Act to incorporate the Bethel Boom Company and remonstrance of Eben Clough and others1854
93BoomsAn Act to incorporate the Penobscot Lumber Association and to amend the Charter of the Penobscot Boom Corporation (No Petition)1854
94BoomsReport on the Petition of William Getchell, Junior and others for a boom in the Kennebec River1854
95BoomsAn Act to incorporate the Ticonic Boom Company1854
96BoomsReport on the Petition of William J. Moulton and others that he and his Associates may have the right to establish booms on the Kennebec River1854
97BoomsAn Act to incorporate the East Musquash Improvement Company1854
98BoomsAn Act to incorporate the Kennebec Boom Company1862
99BoomsAn Act further extending the charter of the Bangor Boom Company1863
100BoomsAn Act to incorporate the Passadumkeag Boom Company1864

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