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26Boundary Lines, StateSee Maine and New Hampshire Boundary Line 1829 RS 26-30
27Boundary Lines, StateSee McMillan, Andrew 1831 RS 34-66
28Boundary Lines, TownSee Surry 1821 PS 8-102
29Boundary Lines, TownSee Richmond 1823 PS 26-87
30Boundary Lines, TownSee Town Boundary Lines 1823 GY 16-2B
31Boundary Lines, TownSee Cornville 1824 GY 24-46
32Boundary Lines, TownSee Litchfield and Richmond Line 1824 PS 29-64
33Boundary Lines, TownSee Litchfield 1824 GY 25-35
34Boundary Lines, TownSee Stowell, Elias and others 1824 GY 27-10
35Boundary Lines, TownSee Lyman 1824 GY 24-25
36Boundary Lines, TownSee Hollis 1825 GY 34-5
37Boundary Lines, TownSee Litchfield and Hallowell Line 1825 PS 33-33
38Boundary Lines, TownSee Durham 1825 GY 33-5
39Boundary Lines, TownSee Buxton 1826 RS 16-14
40Boundary Lines, TownSee Lisbon 1826 PS 40-22
41Boundary Lines, TownSee Gray 1826 GY 38-11
42Boundary Lines, TownSee Finson, Ambrose and others 1826 GY 41-15
43Boundary Lines, TownSee Buxton 1827 GY 50-4
44Boundary Lines, TownSee Windham 1827 GY 48-17
45Boundary Lines, TownAn Act establishing the, between Jefferson and the Towns of Washington, Newcastle and Alna1828
46Boundary Lines, TownReport on the petition of the committee of Waterboro to establish the Town line between Waterboro and Lyman1828
47Boundary Lines, TownResolve appointing a committee to establish the line between the Town of Denmark and Hiram1828
48Boundary Lines, TownSee Chesterville 1828 GY 53-42
49Boundary Lines, TownResolve appointing a committee to establish the line between the Towns of Windham and Gray1828
50Boundary Lines, TownSee Liberty 1828 PS 52-78

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