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51Boundary Lines, TownSee Chesterville 1829 GY 56-32
52Boundary Lines, TownSee Washington 1829 GY 56-5
53Boundary Lines, TownSee Waterboro 1829 RS 25-5
54Boundary Lines, TownSee Bremen-Bristol Line 1830 PS 63-22
55Boundary Lines, TownSee China 1830 PS 65-49
56Boundary Lines, TownSee Waterboro 1830 GY 60-23
57Boundary Lines, TownResolve appointing a Committee to establish the dividing line between Hollis and Lyman1831
58Boundary Lines, TownReport on the Petition of the Selectmen to establish the line between the Towns of Green and Lewiston1831
59Boundary Lines, TownResolve respecting the dividing line between Gray and Windham1831
60Boundary Lines, TownSee Hollis 1831 GY 70-23
61Boundary Lines, TownSee Freeport 1832 RS 35-18
62Boundary Lines, TownSee Windham 1832 RS 35-7
63Boundary Lines, TownSee Lyman 1832 RS 36-38
64Boundary Lines, TownSee Cumberland 1833 GY 77-30
65Boundary Lines, TownSee Monument Lines 1835 GY 91-3
66Boundary Lines, TownAn Act making more definite the limits of the Town of Saint George1842
67Boundary Lines, TownAn Act relating to Town Lines1843
68Boundary Lines, TownReport on the Petition of the Selectmen of Detroit and Plymouth that the town lines between said towns may be established1843
69Boundary Lines, TownReport on the Petition of the Selectmen of Plymouth that the lines of the corners of the town may be established agreeable to the Petition of the Inhabitants of Detroit1843
70Boundary Lines, TownAn Act to establish the Town line between the Towns of Greene and Wales1843
71Boundary Lines, TownReport on an Act to alter the east line of Old Town1843
72Boundary Lines, TownAn Act making alterations in the division line between Minot and Auburn1844
73Boundary Lines, TownAn Act establishing the line between the town of Detroit in the County of Somerset and the Town of Plymouth in the County of Penobscot1844
74Boundary Lines, TownReport on the Petition of Nathaniel B. Frost and others for an alteration of the town line between the towns of Fayette and Wayne1845
75Boundary Lines, TownReport on the Petition of the Selectmen of Bloomfield that the line between Bloomfield and Fairfield be straightened1847

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