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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Name changed to Andrew Ring Bradford1837
2Name changed from Andrew Ring Johnson Bradford1837
3Report on the Petition that the Town of Cambridge, Ripley, Dexter, Garland, Charleston and Bradford may be set off from Penobscot County and annexed to Piscataquis County, and remonstrance of the Selectmen of Cambridge and others1839
4Academies, Schools and CollegesSee Young, Bradford and others 1829 GY 56-29
5BradfordSee Kingsbury, Emmons and others 1827 GY 46-8
6BradfordAn Act to incorporate the Town of1831
7BradfordResolve in favor of the Town of Bradford1844
8BradfordResolve in favor of Benjamin Chadborn1845
9BradfordReport on the Remonstrance of Henry B. Martin against Benjamin Chadbourn for a pension1846
10BradfordReport on the Petition of Benjamin Coombs that he may be divorced from his wife Rebecca Coombs1847
11BradfordResolve in favor of Benjamin Chadbourne1848
12BradfordResolve in favor of Benjamin Chadbourne1849
13BradfordResolve in favor of Benjamin Chadburn1852
14BradfordReport that the communication of Abner Wade for State Aid be referred to the Governor and Council1864
15Bradford Petition SignersAn Act to authorize the Town of Milo to erect and maintain a toll bridge for a limited time1848
16Bradford Petition SignersAn Act to incorporate the West Penobscot Agricultural Society1855
17Bradford, BenjaminReport of the Committee on votes for Executive Councilors1841
18Bradford, Benjamin and othersReport on the Petition of Benjamin Bradford and others that Resolve, Chapter 146 of 1849 relating to cutting grass on public lots on Waite Township, may be rescinded1850
19Bradford, FreemanReport on the Order to engage, of Portland to draft Bills and Resolves1831
20Bradford, FreemanAn Act to increase the salary of the Register of Probate for the County of Cumberland1852
21Bradford, Freeman and othersReport on the Petition to be incorporated into an association called the Mutual Life Insurance, Banking and Trust Association1835
22Bradford, Isaiah and othersReport on the Petition of Isaiah Bradford and others that the County Commissioners of Lincoln County may be authorized to lay out a bridge acroos Friendship River and remonstrance of Thomas C. Kelleran and others1846
23Bradford, John StevensName changed from John Godfrey Stevens1820
24Bradford, JosephSurname changed from Joseph Sampson1834
25Bradford, Lucius and othersResolve in favor of Monson Academy1849

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