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526Washington County CommissionersSee County Commissioners, Washington County
527Washington County, Commissioners CourtAn Act to change the time of holding the April term of the Court of County Commissioners for the County of Washington1854
528Washington County, County Commissioners CourtAn Act altering and increasing the stated terms of the Court of County Commissioners for the County of Washington1853
529Watson, Vinal H. and othersReport on the Petition of Watson H. Vinal and others of Vinalhaven and North Haven for short sessions of the Legislature and to abolish the County Commissioners Courts1853
530WestbrookReport on the petition of Joseph Sturdevant & others for the Cumberland County Commissioners to lay a new road & build a bridge near Martin's Point ..1862
531Wetmore Isle PlantationAn Act authorizing the Hancock County Commissioners to lay out a road over tide waters1848
532Whitefield Petition SignersAn Act to change the places of holding the District Court and Court of County Commissioners in the County of Lincoln and remonstrance of Nathaniel Dennett and others1847
533Wilder, Edward and othersReport on a bill for repeal of an Act relative to the jurisdiction of County Commissioners, approved 18471865
534Wilder, Isaac and othersA bill for a law to be passed increasing the pay of the County Commissioners of Washington County1864
535WiscassetAn Act authorizing the Selectmen of Wiscasset or County Commissioners of the County of Lincoln to lay out a road over tide waters1852
536Worthen, Clifford S. and othersReport on the Petition asking the County Commissioners of Waldo County to aid the Town of Freedom in making a road1835
537York County CommissionersAn Act authorizing the, to lay out a public highway over the tide waters of the Kennebunk River1831
538York County CommissionersReport on a bill for compensation to be increased for the County Commissioners of York County1865

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