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1Report on the Order relating to notices being given to debtors to disclose1855
2Bangor Petition SignersSee Poor Debtors 1835 PL 120-154
3Bonds, DebtorsReport on the Order in relation to Debtors Bonds, in certain cases1842
4Bonds, Poor DebtorsReport on an Act relating to Poor Debtors Bonds in certain cases1845
5Bonds, Poor DebtorsReport on an Act in relation to poor debtors bonds1852
6Brown, Paul and othersReport on the Petition of Paul Brown and others for an alteration of the Poor Debtors Law1842
7Chapter 113, Revised StatutesAn Act additional to Chapter 113 of the Revised Statutes for the relief of poor debtors1861
8Chapter 113, Revised StatutesReport on a bill additional to Chapter 113 Revised Statutes regarding poor debtors1863
9Convicts, DebtorsAn Act for the further relief of1820
10CreditorsReport on an Order relative to amending the poor debtors law in relation to the citation of poor debtors to their creditors1843
11CreditorsReport on the Order relative to protection of Poor Debtors from Creditors1843
12DebtorsReport on an Act additional to an Act for the relief of poor1826
13DebtorsReport on the order relative to alteration of the law respecting the board of persons confined in prison for debt1828
14DebtorsReport on a Resolve relative to imprisonment for debt1829
15DebtorsReport on the Order requiring a return of the names of all, to Banks and their sureties with amount due from each1829
16DebtorsSee Dennison, Andrew and others 1829 GY 57-5
17DebtorsAn Act for the relief of, to the State1830
18DebtorsReport on the Order regarding alteration of the law for imprisonment for debt1830
19DebtorsReport on the Order regarding a Resolve authorizing the Land Agent to compromise demands in favor of the State against insolvent1831
20DebtorsSee Pope, William 1831 GY 66-27
21DebtorsReport on the Order to alter or amend an Act for the abolition of imprisonment of honest1833
22DebtorsOrder relative to, holding one yoke of oxen from attachment and execution1834
23DebtorsAn Act relative to the support of persons in prison for debt1842
24DebtorsReport on an Order relative to amending the poor debtors law in relation to the citation of poor debtors to their creditors1843
25DebtorsAn Act additional to an Act establishing Piscataquis County1843

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