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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Report on the Petition of the Inhabitants of Durham to be set off from the County of Androscoggin and annexed to the County of Cumberland1855
2Androscoggin River BridgeAn Act incorporating the South West Bend Bridge Company and remonstrance of the Selectmen of Durham1847
3Androscoggin River BridgeAn Act additional to an Act entitled an Act for incorporating certain persons for building a bridge over Androscoggin River between Lisbon and Durham and for supporting the same, approved February 27, 18131850
4AuburnAn Act to abate certain taxes on the Towns of Minot, Poland, Auburn, Danville and Durham1854
5Belfast Meeting HousePetition of Tolford Durham for the sale of the1822
6BrunswickReport on the Petition of John Jones that certain land may be set off from Durham and annexed to Brunswick1841
7Casco ValuationReport on an Order relative to the valuation of Casco, Raymond, Otisfield, Sumner, Oxford, Norway, Durham and Pownal1843
8County TaxResolve to correct a clerical error in the valuation of the Town of Durham and for correcting the State and County Tax on said Town1842
9DanvilleAn Act to separate Benjamin Hunnewell from, and annex to Durham1821
10DanvilleAn Act to set off Nathaniel Larrabee from, to Durham1823
11DanvilleAn Act to abate certain taxes on the Towns of Minot, Poland, Auburn, Danville and Durham1854
12DurhamSee Danville 1821 PS 4-28
13DurhamPetition to be reimbursed for taxes for money paid in error1821
14DurhamPetition that relief be granted to said town for the support of paupers1822
15DurhamSee Larrabee, Nathan 1822 GY 12-8
16DurhamPetitions and Remonstrances for a new county1823
17DurhamSee Danville 1823 PS 26-107
18DurhamOrder to bring file forward on an Act for the preservation of the Southwest Bend Bridge in1824
19DurhamReport on the petition of Job Sylvester and others that the line be established between New Gloucester and1825
20DurhamResolve authorizing the Inhabitants of, to prosecute a review1825
21DurhamSee Southwest Bend Bridge 1827 GY 46-17
22DurhamSee Jackson, Elias and others 1827 GY 50-18
23DurhamSee Lambert, Isaac 1828 GY 54-12
24DurhamSee Southwest Bend Bridge 1829 PS 57-49
25DurhamReport on the Petition of Albert Wyer that a pension may be granted him1841

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