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76EducationSee Blind 1835 RS 49-74
77EducationAn Act repealing part of an Act providing for the promotion of1835
78EducationResolve in aid of the Deaf, Dumb and Blind1841
79EducationReport on the Petition of Peol Polis that the State furnish the means to enable him to learn to read and write the English Language1841
80EducationResolve in aid of the Deaf, Dumb and Blind1842
81EducationReport on the Order relative to a letter from Lewis Weld regarding the American Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb1842
82EducationReport on the Petition of the City of Bath for an additional Act relating to education1848
83EducationResolve rescinding a Resolve approved March 23, 18381848
84EducationResolve relating to school books1861
85EducationReport of the Committee on Indian Affairs on petitions in favor of the Penobscot Indians1861
86EducationAn Act to incorporate certain persons by the name of the Orono Educational Association1861
87EducationReport on a bill allowing voters to raise money for education in School District #6 in Dresden1861
88EducationReport on an Order to introduce the study of agriculture into the Public Schools1862
89EducationReport on the petition of Sewall Browne and others for a law to require children under 17 to attend public school1862
90EducationReport on the Resolve for the promotion of education in Franklin County1862
91EducationReport on an Order to introduce the study of military tactics into schools1862
92EducationReport on an order to inquire into the expedicney of having a State Military Institute for education in military art and science1862
93EducationReport on a bill to amend Chapter 11 Revised Statutes regarding the education of youth and powers and duties of School Agents1863
94EducationResolve in favor of the Passamaquoddy Indians for educational purposes1863
95EducationResolve appropriating the timber and lumber on a township of land for educational purposes1864
96EducationResolve in favor of the Passamaquoddy Indians for educational purposes1864
97EducationA bill to amend Chapter 11 Section 31 of the Revised Statutes regarding education1864
98EducationResolve in favor of St. Albans Academy1864
99EducationReport on a bill for a Resolve to facilitate sale of timber & lumber granted in aid of Westbrook Seminary, Maine Wesleyan Seminary & Female College ..1865
100EducationAn Act amendatory of Chapter 11 of the Revised Statutes relating to education1865

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