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176Education of YouthAn Act to amend Section 14 of Article 1 of an Act to provide for the education of youth, approved August 27, 18501855
177Education, Board ofResolve providing for the transmission of a certain Act to School Committees1846
178Education, Board ofAn Act additional to an Act to establish a Board of Education1848
179Education, Board ofResolve requiring certain duties of the Board of Education1849
180Education, Board ofReport on the Order relative to a law for the election of Members of the Board of Education and the Secretary of the Board for three years1849
181Education, Board ofReport on the Petition of George Babb and others for the repeal of the law establishing a Board of Education and remonstrance of the Piscataquis County Teachers Association1849
182Education, Board ofResolve in favor of the Secretary of the Board of Education1851
183Education, Board ofAn Act additional to an Act to incorporate the Board of Education of the Maine Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, approved August 10, 18491852
184Education, Committee onReport of the Committee on Education1848
185Education, Committee onReport of the Legislative Committee on Education regarding the purchase of history books1861
186Education, Committee onCommunication on the final report of the Committee on Education1862
187Education, Committee onResolve for procuring copies of original documents in the British State Paper Office not heretofore published in regard to the early history of Maine1863
188Education, Committee onCommunication regarding the final report of the Committee on Education1863
189Education, Committee onAn Order that the Committee on Education report the list of academies who deserve aid1864
190Education, Committee onAn Order that the Committee on Education ascertain the amount of all expenses incurred by the Superintendent of Common Schools1864
191Education, Committee onReport on a bill for aid to be granted to Gorham Seminary and East Maine Conference Seminary at Bucksport1865
192Education, Committee onLegislative Orders1865
193Education, Committee onResolve in favor of the Committee on Education1865
194Education, Committee onOrder that 1500 copies of the Report of the Committee on Education be printed and distributed to various school offices1865
195Education, Deaf and DumbResolve relative to the education of the Deaf and Dumb of the State of Maine1844
196Education, Deaf and DumbResolve relating to certain pupils in the American Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb1844
197Education, Deaf and DumbSee Deaf and Dumb
198Education, FemaleAn Act to establish an Institution for1828
199Education, IndiansResolve in favor of Peol Poros, Joseph Sockbasin and John Neptune1844
200Education, IndiansResolve to promote the education of the Penobscot Indians1853

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