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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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1Report on the Petition that they may be incorporated as the Milford and Houlton Railroad Company1837
2Report on the Petition for a new county in the Northern District of Washington County to be called Aroostook County with Houlton the Shiretown1838
3Resolve for opening a road from Houlton to the Aroostook River1839
4Report on the Petition that the law prohibiting the use of narrow rimmed cart wheels on the Military Road be repealed, and remonstrance of the Inhabitants of Houlton and Lincoln1839
5Resolve in favor of, of Houlton1840
6Academies, Schools and CollegesAn Act to incorporate the Trustees of Houlton Academy1847
7Academies, Schools and CollegesResolve in favor of Houlton and Patten Academies1847
8Academies, Schools and CollegesResolve in favor of Houlton Academy1864
9Aroostook RoadReport on the Petition of Samuel Gooch and others that aid may be allowed them in building a road from Houlton the the Aroostook Road1844
10BaileyvilleReport on the Order to devise a means of opening a road from Plantation 7 in Washington County, to Houlton Plantation in Aroostook County1822
11BaileyvilleSee Baring and Houlton Road 1834 PL 110-177
12Baileyville Petition SignersReport on the Petition of the Inhabitants of Baileyville for aid to repair a road through to Houlton1841
13Bangor to Houlton RoadReport on the Petition of James McClure and others for an alteration of the law regulating the transportation of loads over the road from Bangor to Houlton1846
14Baring and Houlton RoadSee Vance, William and others 1831 GY 67-43
15Baring and Houlton RoadResolve making further provisions for completing the1831
16Baring and Houlton RoadResolve for completing the1832
17Baring and Houlton RoadSee Agents 1832 RS 38-112
18Baring and Houlton RoadSee Baileyville 1832 RS 38-93
19Baring and Houlton RoadSee State Road 1833 RS 43-93
20Baring and Houlton RoadResolve relating to the1833
21Baring and Houlton RoadAn additional Resolve for completing the1833
22Baring and Houlton RoadReport on a Resolve additional for completing the1834
23Baring and Houlton RoadSee True, Moses 1834 RS 45-37
24Baring and Houlton RoadSee Emerson, Stephen 1834 RS 45-36
25Baring and Houlton RoadAn Act providing for the use of broad rimmed wheels within the Towns of Baileyville, Princeton and Indian Township upon the1834

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