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126Houlton and Baring RoadSee Baring and Houlton Road
127Houlton Petition SignersSee Meduxnekeag Stream Sluiceway 1834 PS 106-111
128Houlton Petition SignersReport on the Petition of Samuel Cony and others that the tolls on Old Town Bridge may be reduced1843
129Houlton Petition SignersAn Act to protect forest and timber lands from fires and to punish the unlawful and careless kindling of fires1855
130Houlton PlantationSee Baileyville 1822 GY 10-15
131Houlton PlantationSee Williamson, William D. and others 1824 GY 25-10
132Houlton PlantationSee State Road 1826 RS 17-36
133Houlton PlantationResolve in favor of1827
134Houlton PlantationSee Roads 1827 GY 48-35
135Houlton PlantationSee State Road 1828 RS 22-5
136Houlton PlantationSee Putnam, Amos and others 1829 GY 55-27
137Houlton PlantationSee Houlton, Joseph and others 1829 GY 55-37
138Houlton PlantationSee State Road 1830 RS 29-27
139Houlton PlantationSee Vance, William 1830 GY 60-4
140Houlton PlantationSee Doyle, James B. and others 1830 GY 61-6
141Houlton Plantation AssessorsReport on the petition that aid may be granted them in making roads1830
142Houlton RoadSee Bridges, Otis L. and Others 1831 GY 67-33
143Houlton RoadSee Pierce, Leonard and others 1832 GY 73-17
144Houlton to Fort Fairfield RoadResolve in favor of the Proprietors of the Deerfield Academy Grant in the County of Aroostook1841
145Houlton, Joseph and othersReport on the petition that Houlton Plantation and half of Williams College Grant may be incorporated into a Town called Houlton1829
146Houlton, Joseph S. and othersReport on a bill to make valid the doings of Scarboro School District #41861
147House, MelzarResolve in favor of the Town of Houlton for bounties on wolf and bear1861
148Indian TownshipSee Baring and Houlton Road 1834 PL 110-177
149Indian TownshipResolve for the repair of the road and bridge in the Indian Township on the Houlton and Baring Road1847
150Indian TownshipResolve for the repair of the Baring and Houlton Road through the Indian Township1849

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