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251LewistonReport on the petition of the Inhabitants of, to be set off form Lincoln County and annexed to Cumberland County1827
252LewistonReport on the Petition of the Selectmen of Lewiston that they may be set off from the County of Lincoln and annexed to the County of Cumberland1852
253LewistonAn Act to incorporate the West Lincoln Agricultural and Horticultural Society1852
254LewistonAn Act to set off a part of Greene, in the County of Kennebec and annex it to Lewiston, in the County of Lincoln and to set off a part of the Town of Webster and annex it to Lewiston (No Petition)1852
255LewistonAn Act to incorporate the Lincoln Mills1865
256LincolnAn Act to incorporate the Town of1829
257LincolnSee Agents 1832 RS 38-112
258LincolnResolve in favor of the Town of1832
259LincolnResolve authorizing the sale of land in the Town of1833
260LincolnReport on the Petition of Samuel Chesley that certain land may be set off from Chester and annexed to Lincoln1841
261LincolnRemonstrance of Azariah Edwards and others against the division of Lincoln, Lowell and Burlington to form a new town1842
262LincolnReport on the Petition of the Inhabitants of Lincoln, Lowell and Burlington that they may be set off from the Towns to which they respectively belong and be incorporated into a town called Benton1843
263LincolnResolve in favor of Nicholas Coffin1845
264LincolnReport on the Petition of David Kirby for authority to select certain lots of land1848
265LincolnAn Act to exempt certain property from attachment1849
266LincolnResolve in favor of Mrs. Lemuel B. Whitney and Mrs. James W. Babcock, heirs at law of Timothy Miller late of Cold Stream, so called, now Lowell, in the County of Penobscot1850
267LincolnReport on the Petition of William R. Howe and others for a divorce from his wife Ellen R. Howe1850
268LincolnAn Act to incorporate the North Penobscot Agricultural and Horticultural Society1852
269LincolnAn Act to incorporate the Oldtown and Lincoln Railroad Company1852
270LincolnAn Act to amend an Act entitled an Act to incorporate the Old Town and Lincoln Railroad Company, passed March 8, 1852 (SS)1853
271LincolnReport on the Petition of Samuel Veazie and others for a grant of land in aid of the Old Town and Lincoln Railroad Company1854
272LincolnAn Act to authorize the City of Bangor to aid the construction of the Old Town and Lincoln Railroad1854
273LincolnReport on a bill to incorporate a new county from Penobscot and Aroostook Counties, with Lincoln as shiretown1861
274LincolnReport on a bill to convey gore lot #3 in River Township #2 in Lincoln to James C. Merrill1861
275LincolnReport on a bill to extend the line of the Bangor, Oldtown and Milford Railroad through Lincoln to Mattawamkeag1861

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