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101LumberResolve in relation to the public lands1843
102LumberAn Act in relation to the sale of timber and timber lands1844
103LumberResolve in relation to the infraction of the Treaty of Washington1845
104LumberAn Act to improve the Carlton Stream in Troy for running logs and other lumber1848
105LumberAn Act to exempt certain property from attachment1849
106LumberAn Act additional to an Act entitled an Act respecting lumber in the Mattawamkeag River, approved July 29, 18461849
107LumberReport on the Petition of A. D. Atwood and others for a law regulating the picking up and securing of drift lumber in the Penobscot River1849
108LumberResolve in relation to the sale of Township 7, Range ll WELS1849
109LumberReport on an Order relative to repealing an Act entitled an Act giving to laborers on lumber a lien thereon, approved August 10, 18481849
110LumberReport on the Petition of Nathaniel Treat and others for a Charter to authorize them to improve the navigation of the Penobscot River between Bangor and Oldtown1850
111LumberReport on the Petition of Daniel Nickerson and others for an Act to remunerate those who shall pick up masts, spars and other lumber in the Penobscot River1852
112LumberReport on the Petition of Walter Browne and others relative to an Act to protect lumber floating in the Penobscot River1852
113LumberAn Act to amend the Charter of the Penobscot Log Driving Company1854
114LumberAn Act to provide for the improvement of Cold Stream for floating logs and lumber1861
115LumberReport on a bill to amend Chapter 112 Section 1 of the Revised Statutes relating to timber and lumber1863
116LumberAn Act to repeal Chapter 109 of the Private Acts of 1861 relating to scaling of lumber1863
117LumberSee Manufacturers: Lumber
118LumberSee Manufacturers: Lumber
119Lumber InspectionAn Act additional to the Act for1824
120Lumber LiensAn Act giving to laborers on lumber a lien thereon1848
121Lumber ManufactureSee Manufacturers: Lumber
122Lumber MillResolve in favor of the Passamaquody Indians1846
123Lumber SaleA bill to pay $1000 to Trustees of China Academy from sales of timber and lumber from Public Lands1864
124Lumber SurveyAn Act in addition to an Act to regulate the lumber survey in the County of Penobscot1841
125Lumber SurveyAn Act in addition to an Act to regulate the Lumber Survey in the County of Penobscot and remonstrance of Franklin Adams Company1844

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