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126Lumber SurveyAn additional Act to regulate the survey of lumber in the County of Penobscot1845
127Lumber SurveyAn additional Act in relation to the Lumber Survey in the County of Penobscot1845
128Lumber SurveyAn Act repealing an Act regulating the survey of lumber on the Kennebec River1853
129Lumber Survey, Kennebec RiverAn Act regulating the survey of lumber on the Kennebec River1852
130Lumber Survey, Penobscot CountyAn Act regulating the, and the remonstrance of Waldo Pierce and others1832
131Lumber Survey, Penobscot CountyAn Act to regulate the1833
132Lumber Survey, Penobscot CountyAn Act in addition to an Act to regulate the1835
133Lumber Survey, Penobscot CountySee Crosby, James and others 1835 GY 92-33
134Lumber Survey, Penobscot CountyAn additional Act to regulate the survey of lumber in the County of Penobscot1865
135Lumber SurveyorAn Act authorizing the City Council of Portland to appoint a surveyor of lumber under certain regulations1854
136Lumber SurveyorsAn Act concerning plantations1843
137Lumber SurveyorsAn Act authorizing the Selectmen of the Town of Frankfort to appoint surveyors of lumber1855
138Lumber, Laborers onAn Act to amend an Act entitled an Act giving to laborers on lumber a lien thereon, approved August 10, 18481851
139Lumber, Mattawamkeag RiverSee Mattawamkeag River Lumber 1832 PS 82-30
140Lumber, Surveyor General ofSee Ford, James and others 1835 GY 91-6
141Lumber, Tolls onReport on an Order relative to reduction of tolls on lumber passing through Moosehead Lake Dam1843
142LumberingSee Weston, William K. 1835 GY 94-3
143LumberingResolve in favor of Gullifer & Gilman1861
144LumberingReport on the petition of John B. Trafton and others for reimbursement of money paid the State1862
145LumberingReport on the petition of Harrison Knowles and others for an extension of time to cut timber on the N.W. Quarter of Township 8, Range 41863
146LumberingAn Act additional to "An Act to incorporate the Penobscot Log Driving Company"1865
147LumberingSee also Log Navigation Companies
148LumberingSee also Logs, Masts and Spars
149LumberingSee also Timber
150LumberingSee also Public Lands

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