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51Dill, SewardResolve in aid of building mills in Township 3 Range 4 WBKP in the County of Franklin1862
52Dunn, Josiah, Jr.Report on the petition for an alteration in the Act for the support and regulation of mills1828
53Dye WoodSee Fulton Steam Mills 1831 PS 76-105
54Eustis MillsReport on a bill for an appropriation on a road from Kingfield to Dead River1861
55Fairbanks MillsReport on the Petition of Nathan Crosman and others of the Inhabitants of Township 11, Range 5 WELS for aid to repair road to Fairbanks Mills1845
56Fairfield BridgeAn Act authorizing the erection of a bridge across the Kennebec River at Kendall's Mills in Fairfield1847
57Fairfield Petition SignersReport on a Bill to improve Kennebec River Navigation between Kendalls Mills and Skowhegan1848
58Fairfield Petition SignersAn Act to change the line of Kendall's Mills Village1862
59Fiske, H. H. and othersAn Act to incorporate the Continental Mills1865
60FlowageReport on the Order relative to altering or amending Chapter 126 of the Maine Revised Statutes regarding Mills, Dams and Flowage1844
61Forest City Iron WorksAn Act to incorporate the Portland Rolling Mills1864
62Fulton Steam MillsAn Act to incorporate the Proprietors of the1831
63Gage, Isaac and othersSee Fulton Steam Mills 1831 PS 76-105
64Glen Mills Manufacturing CompanyAn Act to incorporate the Glen Mills Manufacturing Company (No Petition)1855
65Goose RiverAn Act to incorporate the Waldo Mills Company (No Petition)1852
66Grist MillsSee Mattanawcook 1824 GY 28-10
67Grist MillsPetition of Joseph Ireland that bags of grain left for milling, be marked by owner for identification1825
68Grist MillsPetition of Joseph Ireland that bags of grain left for milling, be marked by owner for identification1826
69Grist MillsSee Austin Stream Grist Mill 1831 PS 73-72
70Grist MillsSee Winslow, Hezekiah and others 1832 GY 75-29
71Grist MillsSee Davis, Israel and another 1835 RS 47-5
72Grist MillsResolve in favor of Jedadiah Fairfield1847
73Grist MillsAn Act to incorporate the Searsport Mill Company1854
74Grist MillsResolve in favor of Charles F. A. Johnston and Charles Kidder1855
75Grist MillsReport on a Resolve in favor of Francis Minville dit Dechene for timber on State Lands to build a mill1861

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