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151MillsSee Paley, Daniel J. 1832 GY 75-48
152MillsSee Winslow, Hezekiah and others 1832 GY 75-29
153MillsReport on an Order relative to alteration or amendment of an Act entitled an Act for the support and regulation of, passed February 8, 18211832
154MillsSee Wing, Thomas 1832 GY 73-28
155MillsSee Davis, Israel and Jacob M. Russell 1833 RS 39-17
156MillsSee Rice, William 1833 GY 78-1
157MillsResolve respecting building, in Township #81833
158MillsSee Eldridge, Richard and others 1833 GY 78-19
159MillsSee Waldo Mills 1834 PS 110-170
160MillsSee Neguemkeag Mill Dam Company 1834 PS 101-31
161MillsAn Act to incorporate the New Sharon Woolen Manufacturing Company1841
162MillsAn Act to incorporate the Gun Rock Manufacturing Company1841
163MillsAn Act to incorporate the Kents Hill Manufacturing Company (No Petition)1841
164MillsAn Act to incorporate the Androscoggin Manufacturing Company1841
165MillsAn Act in addition to an Act incorporating the Androscoggin Manufacturing Company1841
166MillsAn Act to incorporate the Eden Cotton and Woolen Manufactory1841
167MillsAn Act to incorporate the Laconia Company1841
168MillsAn Act to incorporate the Washington Manufacturing Company (No Petition)1841
169MillsReport on the Order relative to minority owners of mills, dams and water power1841
170MillsAn Act to incorporate the Dexter Company1841
171MillsAn Act to incorporate the Milo Starch Manufacturing Company1841
172MillsAn Act to incorporate the Franklin Starch Company (No Petition)1841
173MillsAn Act legalizing the location and erection of a gunpowder manufactory on Basin Falls in Buckfield1841
174MillsAn Act to incorporate the Sanford Manufacturing Company1842
175MillsResolve in favor of Ira Fish1842

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