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1820-1855, 1861-1865

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51Ministerial FundsSee Waterford 1823 PS 26-88
52Ministerial FundsSee Porter 1823 PS 26-98
53Ministerial FundsSee Baptist Societies of Rumford 1823 GY 19-10
54Ministerial FundsSee Anson 1823 PS 22-22
55Ministerial FundsSee Temple 1823 PS 22-25
56Ministerial FundsSee Madison 1823 PS 21-13
57Ministerial FundsSee Milburn 1824 PS 28-28
58Ministerial FundsSee Parsonsfield 1824 PS 27-13
59Ministerial FundsSee Sanford Congregational Society 1824 PS 28-49
60Ministerial FundsSee Chase, Rufus 1824 GY 28-25
61Ministerial FundsSee Chesterville 1824 PS 28-35
62Ministerial FundsAn Act regarding1824
63Ministerial FundsSee Berwick North Parish 1824 PS 29-67
64Ministerial FundsSee Chesterville 1825 PS 36-70
65Ministerial FundsSee Orland Ministerial and School Funds 1828 PS 49-10
66Ministerial FundsSee Little, Samuel and others 1828 GY 53-32
67Ministerial FundsSee Bridgton Ministerial Funds 1830 PS 65-43
68Ministerial FundsSee Bucksport 1831 GY 67-26
69Ministerial FundsReport on the Order to amend an additional Act to provide for the sale and distribution of School and1831
70Ministerial FundsSee Leach, Pelatiah and others 1831 GY 65-7
71Ministerial FundsSee Farmington Ministerial Fund 1832 PS 82-24
72Ministerial FundsAn Act appropriating the income of certain, to the support of Schools1832
73Ministerial FundsSee Berwick Ministerial Fund 1832 GY 75-30
74Ministerial FundsAn Act authorizing the First Parish in Winthrop and the Town of Winthrop to appropriate the income of certain, to the support of schools1833
75Ministerial FundsReport on the Order to inquire if the State of Massachusetts has agreed to appropriate the income of, for the support of schools1833

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