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1Baptist Societies of RumfordPetition of Stephen Putnam that the ministerial funds in Rumford may be equalized between the Congregational Societies and1823
2Bridgton Ministerial FundsAn Act to extend the powers of the Trustees of the1830
3Buxton Congregational SocietyAn Act relating to the ministerial funds of the1822
4East LivermoreAn Act to incorporate the Trustees of the Ministerial Funds in East Livermore1845
5Farnum, James H. and othersSee Rumford Ministerial Funds 1834 PS 110-175
6Guilford School FundReport on the Petition of the Trustees that the Ministerial Funds applied by the last Legislature to the use of the schools may be placed in the hands of said Corporation1833
7Little, Samuel and othersReport on the petition to be incorporated for the purpose of managing certain ministerial funds in Bucksport1828
8Ministerial FundsSee Poland 1821 PS 10-152
9Ministerial FundsSee Canton Ministerial and School Fund 1821 PS 13-216
10Ministerial FundsSee Buxton Congregational Society 1822 PS 20-91
11Ministerial FundsSee Raymond 1822 PS 20-90
12Ministerial FundsSee Castine Ministerial Fund 1822 PS 20-85
13Ministerial FundsSee Wilton Ministers Fund 1822 GY 10-4
14Ministerial FundsSee Andover 1822 PS 19-54
15Ministerial FundsSee Baptist Societies of Rumford 1823 GY 19-10
16Ministerial FundsSee Porter 1823 PS 26-98
17Ministerial FundsSee Waterford 1823 PS 26-88
18Ministerial FundsSee Anson 1823 PS 22-22
19Ministerial FundsSee Temple 1823 PS 22-25
20Ministerial FundsSee Madison 1823 PS 21-13
21Ministerial FundsSee Sanford Congregational Society 1824 PS 28-49
22Ministerial FundsSee Parsonsfield 1824 PS 27-13
23Ministerial FundsSee Milburn 1824 PS 28-28
24Ministerial FundsSee Chase, Rufus 1824 GY 28-25
25Ministerial FundsSee Chesterville 1824 PS 28-35

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