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26Northeastern BoundaryOrder for 600 copies of the documents communicated to the Legislature by the Governor relating to the, be printed1832
27Northeastern BoundaryResolves respecting the1832
28Northeastern BoundaryReport on so much of the Governor's Message as relates to the, and petition of Walter Powers and others1832
29Northeastern BoundaryResolve respecting the territory lying North and East of the St. John and St. Francis Rivers1832
30Northeastern BoundaryResolve relating to1832
31Northeastern BoundarySee Greenleaf's Map 1832 GY 71-30
32Northeastern BoundaryOrder relative to repealing a Resolve respecting the territory lying North and East of the St. John and St. Francis Rivers1833
33Northeastern BoundaryOrder that the Governor communicate to the Legislature the Report of the Commissioners on the, and Message from the Governor in regard to same1833
34Northeastern BoundarySee Madawaska Area 1833 RS 43-96
35Northeastern BoundaryReport on an additional Resolve respecting the1835
36Northeastern BoundaryResolves relating to the Northeastern Boundary1841
37Northeastern BoundaryReport on the Northeastern Boundary1841
38Northeastern BoundaryResolve for defraying expenses of certain committees1841
39Northeastern BoundaryResolve relating to the claims of this State for expenditures in protecting its Northeastern Boundary (SS)1842
40Northeastern BoundaryReport of the Committee on the Northeastern Boundary and Resolution from the State of Vermont on same1842
41Northeastern BoundaryReport on the Petition of the Selectmen of Gorham for compensation for services rendered the State in the Aroostook Expedition1842
42Northeastern BoundaryReport on the Petition of the Selectmen of Garland for expenses incurred in the defense of the Northeastern Frontier1842
43Northeastern BoundaryResolve in relation to expenses incurred in maintaining an armed civil posse near the frontiers of this State1842
44Northeastern BoundaryResolves instructing Senators in Congress to procure information in relation to the Northeastern Boundary1842
45Northeastern BoundaryResolve in relation to certain doings of this Legislature (SS)1842
46Northeastern BoundaryMessage of the Governor to Special Session of the Legislature, May 1842 relative to Communication from Daniel Webster on the Northeastern Boundary (SS)1842
47Northeastern BoundaryResolves in relation to the Northeastern Boundary of this State (SS)1842
48Northeastern BoundaryResolves authorizing the appointment of Commissioners to locate grants and determine the extent of possessory claims under the late treaty with Great Britain1843
49Northeastern BoundaryResolve in relation to bonds or securities that were to be surrendered by Great Britain to the States of Maine and Massachusetts under the late Treaty1843
50Northeastern BoundaryResolve authorizing the Treasurer to receive the claims of this State against the Government of the United States for expenditures in relation to the Northeastern Boundary and claims under the Treaty1843

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