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51Northeastern BoundaryReport on the Petition of Electious Oakes and others for loss and damages sustained from the British Authorities of the Province of New Brunswick1843
52Northeastern BoundaryResolve relating to certain claims under the Treaty of Washington1843
53Northeastern BoundaryReport on the Order relative to allowing William P. Preble compensation for his services as Commissioner under the Resolve of January 19, 18321844
54Northeastern BoundaryResolves additional to Resolves authorizing the appointment of Commissioners to locate grants and determine the extent of possessory claims under the late Treaty with Great Britain1844
55Northeastern BoundaryResolves relative to the re-occupation of Fort Kent1844
56Northeastern BoundaryReport on the Petition of Jesse Wheelock and Barnabas Hunnewell that the Resolve to locate grants under the Treaty upon the River Saint John be amended to lay off said possessions one and a half miles back from the River1844
57Northeastern BoundaryResolve authorizing the Governor to present to the General Government the claim of Maine for remuneration for lands set off to claimants under the provisions of Article Four of the Treaty of Washington1845
58Northeastern BoundaryResolve in relation to the infraction of the Treaty of Washington1845
59Northeastern BoundaryMemorial of Oliver Frost relative to violation of the Treaty of Washington and accompanying papers1845
60Northeastern BoundaryResolve authorizing the Treasurer to receive certain monies allowed under the Treaty of Washington1846
61Northeastern BoundaryResolve for the appointment of an Agent to settle with the Claimants against the disputed territory fund1847
62Northeastern BoundaryReport on the Petition of John Thompson and others for relief under the provisions of the Treaty of Washington1849
63Northeastern BoundaryResolve making a land grant in aid of a road from the American line on the River Saint John to the Allagash River1849
64Northeastern BoundaryResolve in favor of certain settlers upon the Public Lands1849
65Northeastern Boundary AgentSee Parks, George 1832 RS 38-91
66Northeastern Boundary ClaimsReport on the Petition of Joseph Corrow for allowance for loss and damage sustained from the British Authorities of New Brunswick1843
67Northeastern Boundary ClaimsReport on an Act authorizing the Treasurer of the State to receive the claims of this State for expenditures in relation to the Northeastern Boundary and other claims on the United States1843
68Northeastern Boundary CommissionersResolve providing for the payment of certain Commissioners (SS)1842
69Northeastern Boundary CommissionersResolve in favor of the Commissioners appointed under the Resolve of May 26, 1842 in relation to the Northeastern Boundary1843
70Northeastern Boundary CommissionersResolve in favor of the Commissioners appointed under the Resolve of March 3, 18321844
71Northeastern Boundary DisputeResolve in relation to the disputed territory fund1843
72Northeastern Boundary DocumentsGovernor's Communication transmitting copies of correspondence with the Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick and the United States President in relation to a detachment of British Troops1841
73Northeastern Boundary MapReport on a Resolve in favor of Rebecca D. Deane1841
74Northeastern Boundary MapsResolve in favor of William Anson1843
75Northeastern Boundary MapsReport of the Committee of Conferees on disagreeing vote of the two Houses on the Petition of William Anson relative to maps made on the Northeastern Boundary1843

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